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Why some women are pushing back against alcohol and the wine-to-unwind culture

Drinking among women has increased steadily in recent years, and some are urging that consumption guidelines be updated to reflect the health risks.

Sexual assault centres struggle with limited funding as more women come forward to say #MeToo

When a survivor has the courage to come forward but they're not able to access support, it's a contradictory message for society to send, says advocate

'It's literally life or death': Students say University of Toronto dragging feet on mental health services

Despite several deaths, the administration at the University of Toronto won't say how long its waiting list is for therapy when students reach out for help with mental health issues.

How Greta Thunberg's autism helps give her a singular focus

Greta Thunberg, 16, has reached millions with her message about the need for urgent action on climate change. She’s also inspired people with her public acknowledgement that she's on the autism spectrum. She calls her autism her “superpower.” She has a clear message: she succeeds not in spite of her disability, but because of it.

Next frontier in medical fundraising? Toronto man turns to boot camp to help raise $3M for son's rare disorder

The latest stop for the Pirovolakis family in the search for a cure for their who has a rare genetic disorder is San Diego. Terry Pirovolakis is at conference for families of patients with rare genetic disorders, to show them how to manoeuvre and advocate in the medical research community.