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In face of deadly pandemic, Ontario long-term care homes continue breaking COVID-19 safety rules

Ten months into the COVID-19 pandemic, inspectors were still catching Ontario long-term care homes violating crucial infection prevention and control measures. Many infractions occurred during or after outbreaks, a CBC News investigation found.

These nursing home chains have the highest COVID-19 death rates in Ontario, data analysis finds

Not all for-profit long-term care homes in Ontario are equal when it comes to containing COVID-19, an analysis of provincial data by CBC’s Marketplace has found.

85% of Ont. nursing homes break the law repeatedly with almost no consequences, data analysis shows

A data analysis of the most serious breaches of Ontario’s long-term care home safety legislation reveals that six in seven care homes are repeat offenders, and there are virtually no consequences for homes that break that law repeatedly.

Comprehensive nursing home inspections caught up to 5 times more violations. Why did Ontario cut them?

Ontario's government knew it was cutting thorough, effective investigations that helped identify infection control concerns in nursing homes three years before it made the cuts in 2018, but did it anyway, a CBC Marketplace investigation has found.
CBC Investigates

Nursing home told families hospital wouldn't accept sick residents during pandemic. That wasn't true

The long-term care home where more people have died during the coronavirus pandemic than anywhere else in Ontario is facing new scrutiny.

Ont. nursing homes have had 22 years to do safety upgrades. COVID-19 reveals deadly cost of delay

A failure to make safety upgrades to their buildings in the past two decades appears to have left many long-term care homes particularly vulnerable to the deadly spread of COVID-19, a Marketplace investigation reveals. Most homes still operating at the 1972 standard are owned by for-profit companies.
CBC Investigates

Infection control oversight lacking at Ontario seniors' homes as inspections dwindled

Oversight of infection control measures — key to keeping long-term care homes free of illness — plummeted when Ontario scaled back comprehensive annual inspections last year, a CBC News investigation has found.
CBC Investigates

Ontario scaled back comprehensive, annual inspections of nursing homes to only a handful last year

CBC News has learned that while Ontario conducted 2,800 inspections of long-term care homes last year, only nine were the detailed resident quality inspections that such facilities are supposed to receive annually.

'It breaks my heart': Doug Ford's mother-in-law in Toronto care home with COVID-19 outbreak

A woman living in a long-term care home in Ontario, which houses 200 seniors including the premier’s mother-in-law, has confirmed what loved ones of residents fear most: basic care needs are not being met amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Ontario's long-term care workers still working at multiple facilities as B.C. clamps down

Families with loved ones in long-term care homes have been locked out for weeks as the facilities try to contain the coronavirus pandemic that has had a devastating toll on their residents. Yet new outbreaks continue to emerge, as staff members continue to work at multiple homes in some jurisdictions.