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CBC Investigates

Ontario long-term care homes with poor care records are getting tax dollars to expand

CBC found several long-term care homes planning to expand with taxpayer support are run by operators with long histories of non-compliance with the law, or poor outcomes through the pandemic.

WATCH: Princess Anne says 'you know what you're getting' with her brother, King Charles

CBC's chief correspondent sits down with Princess Anne, the only daughter of the late Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, for a Canadian exclusive to talk about her 74-year-old brother’s coronation, the future of the monarchy in light of recent dwindling support and upcoming visits to Canada.

Untraceable 3D-printed 'ghost guns' on the rise in Canada

Police forces in at least seven cities across Canada have seen an increase in 3D-printed 'ghost guns.' These untraceable weapons can be made at home by anyone with a 3D printer, and design plans for them are easily found online.

This long-term care home radically changed the way it operates. Residents say it's working

Toronto-run Lakeshore Lodge is part of a pilot project to improve care in its long-term care facilities. It's the first of the city's municipally-run long-term care homes to receive extra funding to make the care more resident-centred.

Abandoned shopping mall offers sanctuary, friendship for Ukrainian refugees amid the fear

Food, shelter and essential supplies are available at a former shopping centre for refugees pouring into Poland since their country was invaded by Russia on Feb. 24. Some 964,000 people have crossed from Ukraine into Poland since that day.

How smaller long-term care homes can help address big elder-care issues

Green House Project-style homes have benefits for seniors when it comes to things such as the level of personal care and quality of life for seniors, advocates say.

Nursing homes with repeated violations continue to break law, despite Ontario's promise to crack down

After a year that revealed the cracks in Ontario's long-term care system and saw the government promise changes, some repeat offenders continue to be cited by provincial inspectors for serious violations of Ontario’s Long-Term Care Act.

In one of Ontario's hardest-hit regions, COVID-19 takes a toll on essential workers

In Peel Region, there have been more than 500 workplace outbreaks since last year, fuelling more than 100,000 COVID-19 cases. Three people who live in Brampton, Ont., discuss the struggles they and their families have faced during the pandemic.
CBC Investigates

In face of deadly pandemic, Ontario long-term care homes continue breaking COVID-19 safety rules

Ten months into the COVID-19 pandemic, inspectors were still catching Ontario long-term care homes violating crucial infection prevention and control measures. Many infractions occurred during or after outbreaks, a CBC News investigation found.

These nursing home chains have the highest COVID-19 death rates in Ontario, data analysis finds

Not all for-profit long-term care homes in Ontario are equal when it comes to containing COVID-19, an analysis of provincial data by CBC’s Marketplace has found.