Marnie Luke

Marnie Luke works in the CBC News Investigative Unit, where she produces the award-winning Missing & Murdered podcast. Previously, she was a field producer and national assignment editor based in Toronto, and has also worked in CBC's Washington and London bureaus.

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CBC Investigates

Questions raised about celebrated Métis healer's Indigenous identity

Ernest Matton, head of the Aboriginal Healing Program at Michael Garron Hospital, has abruptly retired after members of Toronto's Indigenous community questioned his Indigenous identity. The celebrated healer, known as Elder Little Brown Bear, is among 5,300 people who face possible expulsion from the Métis Nation of Ontario over 'incomplete' profiles.
Finding Cleo

'Our story is about hope': How siblings of lost Saskatchewan girl made peace with their loss

The Semaganis siblings from Little Pine First Nation in Saskatchewan had spent decades searching for their sister Cleo, but it was through a CBC podcast that they finally learned her fate. Listen to the final episode and read about how Cleo's siblings came to terms with what they learned and what they had lost.
Finding Cleo

'Naive but a good intention' — adoptive parents grapple with fallout of Sixties Scoop

Five siblings separated in the Sixties Scoop have reconnected as adults and are determined to find out what happened to the sister they lost track of. In the latest episodes of Finding Cleo, CBC News reporter Connie Walker follows a lead that takes her to a cemetery in New Jersey.
Finding Cleo

CBC podcast solves decades-old mystery of Saskatchewan girl lost in Sixties Scoop

A patchwork of information suggested Cleo Semaganis Nicotine had been killed decades ago while trying to make her way back to Saskatchewan from her adoptive family in the U.S., but no one knew for sure what happened until CBC News began looking into the case.

CBC podcast uncovers new information in unsolved murder of Alberta Williams

More than 27 years after police "hit a brick wall" in their investigation into the murder of B.C. woman Alberta Williams, the RCMP say the case is now "very active" because of new details revealed in a CBC News podcast.

​Canadian dressage judge investigated for alleged tampering with Rio team selection

A Canadian equestrian claims she was robbed of a chance to compete at the Olympics and blames what she calls the "malicious" and "unethical behaviour" of a Canadian dressage judge whose actions are now being investigated by the sport's governing body.
CBC Investigates

Health Canada investigates Florida spa director's illegal supplements

Brian Clement, a Florida nutritionist who treated two First Nations girls with leukemia in 2014, is back giving lectures in Ontario and promoting supplements that are illegal in Canada.
CBC Investigates

Insurance company drops 'discriminatory' policy on suicide attempts

Desjardins Group, one of Canada's leading insurance providers, has done away with a controversial exclusion clause denying payment of benefits to people who try to kill or injure themselves.

Toronto lawyer challenges Jamaica's anti-homosexuality law

A Canadian-based lawyer is defying death threats and the prospect of being arrested in his native Jamaica by returning home this week to launch a constitutional challenge of the country’s anti-homosexuality law.

Inconsistent radar testing casts doubt on validity of millions of speeding tickets

Canadian speeders might be getting measured differently, depending on where they’re caught, CBC News has found.