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Mark Gollom is a Toronto-based reporter with CBC News. He covers Canadian and U.S. politics and current affairs.

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CRTC peppers CBC with questions about plans for controversial branded content

The CBC was forced to defend its plans for branded content on its digital platforms as Canada's top regulator peppered senior executives of the public broadcaster with questions about the controversial decision at a CRTC licensing hearing Friday.

CBC wrong to fire reporter who told news site he was forced to delete tweet critical of Don Cherry: arbitrator

The CBC "acted improperly" by firing a reporter who leaked to a news site that the network forced him to take down a tweet criticizing broadcaster Don Cherry, an arbitrator has ruled.

Why a Trump supporter who went to Washington, D.C., rally says she understands the frustration of the rioters

Sandi Ferguson believes the presidential election was fixed. The Trump supporter from Georgia attended the Washington, D.C., rally that culminated in the storming of the U.S. Capitol. She told CBC News why she understands the frustration millions of Trump supporters are feeling about the election results. 

Experts question whether COVID-19 curfews work. But France may have had some luck

Quebec has become the first province to implement a curfew to help curb the spread of COVID-19 — a measure that has already been instituted in many regions across the world. But how effective those measures have been are difficult to determine. Yet France has shown some positive results, according to a study.

Black activists say double standard at play in response to pro-Trump rioters

Black activists are decrying what they saw as a double standard when it comes to law enforcement's response to protests involving Black social justice activists and white pro-Trump supporters.

Lawmakers, world leaders condemn chaos at the U.S. Capitol while some call for Trump's removal

The chaotic breach of the U.S. Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump on Wednesday was met with swift condemnation by both Democratic and Republican lawmakers, with some observers blaming the president for inciting the riot, and others suggesting he be impeached.

Why Israel is leading the world with COVID-19 vaccinations

The reasons Israel been able to vaccinate its populations so quickly are multifaceted, and there may be lessons that Canada can learn, some experts say. 

Doug Ford says international travellers pose 'extreme risk' for COVID-19 spread. Here are the facts

Premier Doug Ford has zeroed in on international travellers, suggesting they represent a significant risk for worsening the spread of COVID-19 in Ontario. CBC News takes a closer look at the facts.

Tight controls on COVID-19 vaccine may limit queue-jumping for the well connected

The initial scarcity of the COVID-19 vaccine has prompted some to express concerns that those with wealth, power and celebrity may be able use their position to cut in line to get a dose. But the tight controls placed on the initial rollout could make queue-jumping challenging, say some experts.

2nd stage of COVID-19 vaccination should target those most likely to spread the virus, say some experts

When it comes to the first stage of administering the vaccine for COVID-19, there appears to be wide consensus that policy makers should target the most vulnerable. But some researchers suggest by the second stage, that strategy should change to trying to prevent the spread.