Khalil Akhtar

Food Columnist

Khalil Akhtar is a syndicated food columnist for CBC Radio. He takes a weekly look at some of the surprising aspects of your daily diet. Khalil is based in Victoria, B.C.

Latest from Khalil Akhtar

Chocolate milk has become an udderly divisive issue

Chocolate milk has become politicized in recent months with the discussion around chocolate milk restrictions in schools. And one expert argues the polarized debate might be harming public health advocacy.

Grocery store apples now have their own trademark management companies

The apple industry, like most industries, is changing and producers are trademarking newer varieties as brands, which means prospective growers have to be licensed to sell them and pay royalties on sales.

A spooky statistic: most edible pumpkins end up in the trash

More than 2,500 farms in Canada produce 80 thousand metric tonnes of pumpkins each year, with about two-thirds sold fresh to customers. The vast majority isn’t used for food, but for Halloween decorations.

Why grow food when you can grow weed? Farmers face a difficult choice as legalization looms

As Canadians prepare for legal recreational cannabis, farmers are facing a difficult choice: whether they should use their land to grow cannabis or food.

You're probably eating worms and don't even realize it

Wormy fish may not sound appetizing, but parasitic worms in fish are far more common than you might think.

Would you eat lab-grown fish? You might soon be able to

Is 'lab-grown' meat ready for the mainstream? The FDA in the United States is trying to figure that out.

Hard nut to crack: The quest to make Nutella a bit more Canadian

Ontario farmers are getting in on the hazelnut business thanks to Nutella.

How the royal visit might boost West Coast's phallic clam

On their latest visit to Canada, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge gave a boost to a handful of causes. As CBC Radio food columnist Khalil Akhtar found, the royal visit also highlighted the issue of sustainable seafood consumption — thanks to a meal featuring a strange clam.

A burger by any other name: What do we call lab-grown meat?

Meat manufactured in factories, without animals, could soon find its way to your dinner plate. So-called 'lab-grown meat' has been in development for years. CBC food columnist Khalil Akhtar explains why some lobbyists now want lab-grown meat to get a new name.

Male chick culling in egg industry could end, thanks to Canadian technology

Millions of fuzzy, yellow male chicks are killed every year as part of egg production. But new technology being developed at McGill University could soon put an end to "chick culling," CBC Radio food columnist Khalil Akhtar reports.