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Kathy Tomlinson worked as an investigative reporter at CBC for more than a decade.

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Autistic adult daughter leaves mom exhausted with nowhere to turn

A "mentally and physically exhausted" Ontario mother is speaking out about how there is no group home and little help for her severely autistic 21-year-old daughter.
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Nanny program stonewalled by Ottawa, frustrated parents say

Parents who say they’re tearing their hair out trying to apply for a foreign nanny accuse the federal government of stringing them along for political reasons. “We're pawns in a game that's supposed to look like families are getting helped, but they're not,” says an Edmonton father.
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Private MRI clinic told B.C. man he was fine before his serious stroke

Stroke victim Peter Peczek believes mistakes and delays in the "failing" health-care system wrecked his life. The B.C. man said he couldn't get in to see a neurologist or get an MRI at a hospital. Then, a private MRI clinic failed to detect his life-threatening condition.
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Junior A hockey coach keeps $8K from teen goalie too sick to play

The mother of a 17-year-old goalie sidelined by serious illness is appalled by the conduct of his hockey coach, who kept $8,000 in fees from her son — for a season he missed entirely.
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Woman with cerebral palsy loses Quebec's help because mom saved for her future

A Quebec woman with cerebral palsy has been cut off from provincial assistance, because her mother set up a modest trust fund to pay for her future care. "Even though I am an adult, it feels like I am being treated as a child," says Sarah Davidson.
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Grey Power denies flooded home claim for senior who was away for cancer treatment

An elderly cancer patient whose home flooded while she was getting treatment was denied coverage from Grey Power, because she left her house in Pembroke, Ont., unattended for more than four days.
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Addiction Canada ignores government orders to pay ex-employees

Addiction Canada, a national firm that runs private addiction treatment facilities, has failed to pay thousands of dollars in wages owed to ex-employees, despite orders to do so from government.
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Bell accused of 'ganging up' on resale buyers by blacklisting phones

A Montreal father is taking on Canada’s largest telecom, after Bell blacklisted his teenager’s phone — not because it was reported stolen, but because the original buyer didn’t pay Bell for the device under contract.
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Retirement home fees of $1K per month continue after seniors die or move out

Retirement Concepts, a large company that runs private seniors' residences, is under fire from relatives forced to pay $1,000 monthly fees long after their loved ones have died or moved out.
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Air Canada carry-on squeeze blamed for delays, lost valuables

Air Canada is under fire for creating chaos as a result of too many passenger carry-on bags and not enough room to store them, resulting in delayed flights, harried staff and lost valuables.