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Julian Sher is the senior producer of CBC TV's investigative program The Fifth Estate. He is also the author of Somebody's Daughter: The hidden story of America's prostituted children and the battle to save them. @juliansher julian.sher@cbc.ca

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To censor the internet, 10 countries use Canadian filtering technology, researchers say

Technology developed by a company in Waterloo, Ont., is being used by regimes and democracies throughout the world to censor online content, according to a new global investigation conducted by Citizen Lab.

Midnight in an Istanbul park: Syrian children play in the shadow of war

In between the peals of laughter and the occasional bike collision as Syrian children play in a park in Istanbul, the echoes of the brutal six-year civil war their families fled never seem far away.

'We're so peaceful. It can't happen here': Swedes react to terror at home

Shocked residents of Sweden have been wondering how such an attack could this happen in a peaceful country after a truck plowed into people in central Stockholm Friday, killing four. Yet security experts point to radicalized Swedes linked to terror elsewhere. The CBC's Julian Sher reports from the Swedish capital.
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Modigliani masterpiece seized in wake of Panama Papers

Swiss authorities have seized a Modigliani masterpiece in Geneva after CBC's the fifth estate investigated the painting's ownership in the wake of revelations from Panama Papers.

Prostitution not an equal crime for men and women

Independent sex workers, or victims? The justice committee reconvenes today to consider amendments to the Supreme Court-mandated bill on prostitution. Can Justice Minister Peter MacKay resolve some of the bill's inherent contradictions?

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter and Steven Truscott refused to be 'condemned by history'

Their first meeting lasted only 30 minutes, but Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, who died Sunday, and Steven Truscott shared a lifetime of fighting injustice by finding the inner strength not to give in to bitterness and anger over the years they spent in prison for crimes they didn't commit, writes Julian Sher.