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Jessica Wong is a senior writer for CBC News, based in Toronto.

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Staff, students in this school board are learning about Islamophobia, but true test comes in real world

Muslim students, teachers and educational leaders are among those working to make Canadian classrooms more inclusive. But many say the struggle to dispel Islamophobia is only just beginning and must encompass everyone.

As schools roll out rapid testing for COVID-19, different approaches emerge across regions

Rapid antigen tests are seen as a useful tool to add to protective measures in schools during the pandemic. However, which kids to test, how often and even where to do the testing are among the many issues that differ as Canadian jurisdictions put rapid tests into play. 

With abundant resources, time is right for schools to include Indigenous perspectives, educators say

Many Indigenous educators are supporting non-Indigenous peers in building their knowledge of residential schools and colonialism, and sharing Indigenous perspectives. But as Canada marks its first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, the journey is just getting started.

Consent courses, training about campus sexual violence exist, but students and experts say more is needed

Sexual assault complaints filed after Western University's orientation week have revived talk about the ongoing problem of sexual violence on post-secondary campuses, along with questions about what institutions are doing to educate campus communities about the issue.

Post-secondary students share the new hoops they're jumping through for on-campus learning

Returning to campus this fall, Canadian post-secondary students are coming face-to-face with new COVID-19 vaccination policies. While some systems are being praised for getting students and staff safely back on campus, others are leaving questions about just how the new policies are being enforced.

With school back in session, parents and teachers decry classrooms 'bursting at the seams'

With a new school year now underway, the debate over the safety of large class sizes has returned, with some parents and teachers decrying classrooms with 30-40 students amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Excited, anxious and stressed: How Canadians felt as school resumed this week

Anticipation, excitement, stress and anxiety: students, parents and educators felt a heady mix of emotions this week as classes started again amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's what they shared about the first day of school.

Late course changes and uncertainty: Why some students are finding 'a bit of a dumpster fire' back on campus

Some post-secondary students anticipating a more normal return to campus this fall are getting a turbulent kickoff to the new term. Some in-person courses are suddenly shifting online, while just days ahead of school, other students remain in the dark about what their classes will look like.

What school will look like this fall as Canada struggles to bring COVID-19 under control

What students face heading back to class during this fourth wave of COVID-19 will look strikingly different depending on where they live in the country.

Students pay the price for hybrid model of schooling, say parents, experts

The hybrid learning model appeared in K-12 schools last year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Now as students head into a new school year, the hybrid model is back on the table in Ontario, despite opposition from families, teachers and some education experts.