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Based in Toronto, Jessica Wong covers Canadian education stories for CBC News. She previously covered arts and entertainment news, both national and international, and has been a digital journalist for CBC since 2001. You can reach her at

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New wave of university programs puts Indigenous knowledge at its core

Canadian post-secondary institutions are taking more steps to incorporate Indigenous perspectives into what students are learning. The scholars leading this change are shifting beyond just talking about reconciliation to taking action.

Vulnerable students, families want a normal school year too, but COVID-19 still top of mind

With few COVID-19 measures left in school settings, plus a renewed focus on in-person rather than virtual learning, this back-to-school season has felt more like pre-pandemic times. Yet the coronavirus remains top of mind for those students and families who are at higher risk, with some experts saying they've been left to fend for themselves.

Ontario education minister directs schools to celebrate, memorialize the Queen

Ontario schools must celebrate and memorialize the life of Queen Elizabeth, including holding a moment of silence on the day of her funeral, according to directives from Education Minister Stephen Lecce.

In the Caribbean diaspora, some mourn the Queen while others challenge the monarchy

There have been a wide range of reactions to Queen Elizabeth's passing among the Caribbean diaspora, where discussion about cutting ties with the monarchy are getting more frequent. While some mourn and sharing warm memories, others are highlighting the colonial rule she represented.

Excitement, adrenaline, jitters: what Canadians are feeling on the first day of school

This school year, students in kindergarten through Grade 12 are filing into classrooms much more reminiscent of pre-pandemic times. Parents, teachers and students tell us about the first day, share what's on their minds and tell us the things they're looking forward to.

Universities, colleges taking varied approaches to COVID-19 as students set to return to campus

As students make their way onto Canadian post-secondary campuses for a new term, some may be facing starkly different pandemic protocols than when they last left. A patchwork of approaches is emerging, depending on the college or university.

Financial experts, deal-finders share tips for back-to-school savings as prices rise

With inflation high and prices still on the rise, many parents are concerned with how to navigate their kids’ back-to-school needs this season. CBC News talked to personal finance specialists and a deal-finding expert for tips on cutting costs ahead of a new school year.

Despite teacher shortages, some new grads still face roadblocks getting into classrooms

There's a fresh cohort of new educators eager to fill the gaps this coming school year, especially after many saw first-hand the last few years how much they're needed. However, some are facing obstacles — both new and pre-dating the pandemic — to getting stable work in classrooms. 

New summer school classes aim to reignite learning after pandemic disruptions

Across Canada, a fresh wave of new school-based summer learning initiatives are popping up in different regions. Educators and parents are hoping these new offerings give students a boost and revive appetites for learning again.

The pandemic upset how we assess students. Experts worry that's also hampered recovery efforts

How student learning is measured is one element of the education system that's been upset by the pandemic. Students, parents and teachers alike worry about lost learning since March 2020, while education researchers decry Canada's lack of data showing where student learning is at — crucial information for targeting the supports needed to bridge pandemic gaps.