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Jenny Cowley is an investigative journalist in Toronto. She has previously reported for CBC in Nova Scotia. You can reach her at

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Have a UV disinfecting device? Most don't live up to claims and can be harmful

Health Canada says it is reviewing how UV wands and devices are able to find their way onto store shelves and into the hands of Canadian consumers after a CBC Marketplace investigation found there is just one consumer UV device that is properly cleared for sale in this country.

'Canadians deserve better': Experts decry 'outrageous' interest rates by alternative lenders

A CBC Marketplace investigation into alternative lenders reveals ”outrageous” interest rates, misleading details about the true cost of long-term loans, and what experts call “abusive” practices and an industry that is “almost like loan sharking.”

Provinces promised crackdown on pandemic price gouging. In fact, there have been few repercussions

Remember all that tough talk from premiers about cracking down on price gouging during the coronavirus pandemic? CBC’s Marketplace has learned there has been little legal action despite thousands of complaints across Canada.

Buyer beware: Ottawa fails to track thousands of puppies, some carrying diseases, imported to Canada each year

The federal government fails to maintain a central database to track the thousands of puppies imported to Canada every year, CBC’s Marketplace has learned, an issue experts have for years warned threatens animal welfare and can transport zoonotic diseases into Canada.

Couple fights back against $25K wedding rebooking fee amid COVID-19 pandemic

Brides and grooms across Ontario are choosing to postpone or cancel their weddings in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and businesses are facing the pressure to accommodate those needs. But some venues aren’t as helpful as others, so experts are sharing tips on how to negotiate during these uncertain times.

Has COVID-19 messed up your finances? Here's how to fight for a fair deal

Consumer rights advocate Ellen Roseman did a Q&A with Marketplace co-host Asha Tomlinson addressing a number of Canadians' concerns, including everything from rents and mortgages to daycares.

Hidden camera investigation finds misleading information, questionable treatment plans from SmileDirectClub

SmileDirectClub advertises a popular, online teeth-straightening service, but a Marketplace hidden camera investigation found that some of its customers could be receiving misleading and potentially harmful information from employees.

Hidden camera footage catches misleading sales practices at car rental agency

An undercover investigation into a car rental agency in Mississauga, Ont., found employees using questionable sales tactics, misleading customers and charging hidden fees.

'Very predatory': Health Canada bars sale of vaginal detox products following Marketplace investigation

Health Canada has barred the sale of a natural health care product that is marketed as a way to "detox" vaginas following an investigation by CBC's Marketplace.

Why activated charcoal products for your teeth could do more harm than good

While photos of charcoal-stained smiles are taking social media by storm, dental professionals are warning that the products could be hurting more than they are helping.