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Jennifer Fowler is an investigative journalist who has produced news and documentaries on all platforms for CBC. Before joining CBC News' Investigative Unit, she worked at Marketplace and The Fifth Estate.

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Finding Cleo

'Our story is about hope': How siblings of lost Saskatchewan girl made peace with their loss

The Semaganis siblings from Little Pine First Nation in Saskatchewan had spent decades searching for their sister Cleo, but it was through a CBC podcast that they finally learned her fate. Listen to the final episode and read about how Cleo's siblings came to terms with what they learned and what they had lost.
Finding Cleo

'Naive but a good intention' — adoptive parents grapple with fallout of Sixties Scoop

Five siblings separated in the Sixties Scoop have reconnected as adults and are determined to find out what happened to the sister they lost track of. In the latest episodes of Finding Cleo, CBC News reporter Connie Walker follows a lead that takes her to a cemetery in New Jersey.

Creator of Sixties Scoop adoption program says it wasn't meant to place kids with white families

Fifty-year-old documents uncovered by the CBC podcast Finding Cleo detail a tense struggle between the bureaucrats behind a Saskatchewan adoption program and Indigenous groups that called it an act of "cultural genocide."
Finding Cleo

CBC podcast solves decades-old mystery of Saskatchewan girl lost in Sixties Scoop

A patchwork of information suggested Cleo Semaganis Nicotine had been killed decades ago while trying to make her way back to Saskatchewan from her adoptive family in the U.S., but no one knew for sure what happened until CBC News began looking into the case.
CBC Investigates

Toronto councillor pushes for planning changes that benefit developer despite ties to company

Toronto Coun. Justin Di Ciano requested a key change to a planning report last Wednesday that could have significant benefits for Etobicoke-based home builder Dunpar Developments Inc. a developer with whom Di Ciano has had personal and professional ties.
CBC Investigates

Border security: hundreds detained in 1st month of new screening measures

Border agents are identifying and detaining more people with outstanding arrest warrants at Canadian border crossings after making changes to the way travellers are checked for security risks.

Ontario PTSD legislation for first responders celebrated by some, but nurses left out

Advocates for first responders say too many people will be left out of new legislation passed at Queen’s Park today that makes it easier for first responders to claim insurance benefits for work-related PTSD.
CBC Investigates

Whitby, Ont., man separated from wife, kids in Pakistan due to no-fly list

A permanent resident of Canada with Pakistani origins says he must live without his wife and children because he is on a U.S. no-fly list and cannot leave his adopted country.
CBC Investigates

$650k plan to restore Mimico train station off the rails, community group says

An Etobicoke community group is demanding to know how $650,000 earmarked to help restore the century-old Mimico train station was spent.