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'My name is Karly': Sex trafficking victim joins police on front lines in battle against exploitation

Durham Regional Police Human Trafficking Unit is one of the first in Canada to team up with a human trafficking survivor.

Seniors study aims to find out if medical cannabis can ease common ailments of aging

Research involving long-term care residents tests how cannabidiol might be used therapeutically to help seniors live more comfortable lives.

Investigation of teen forced into sex trade leads to Toronto human trafficking bust

After a six-month investigation, Durham Regional Police carried out early morning police raids Monday in Toronto for two suspected sex traffickers. CBC News was there as one was conducted.

Mental health crisis grips Puerto Rico as rebuilding efforts stumble a year after hurricane

Mental health issues in Puerto Rico are growing, according to health officials, as residents struggle with government red tape and economic issues that are snarling efforts to rebuild - coupled with the ugly psychological effects of the new hurricane season.
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Space suits, simulations and 'animal fear': How astronaut David Saint-Jacques is preparing for orbit

Canadian Space Agency astronaut David Saint-Jacques flies his first mission to the International Space Station in November, and this is the gruelling physical and mental training program he's going through to get ready for it.

Canadian firm AggregateIQ used to sidestep Brexit campaign spending limits, whistleblower alleges

A Canadian online advertising company widely credited for its outsized role in convincing British voters to leave the European Union was also used in an effort to sidestep Brexit campaign spending limits, according to a whistleblower.

Inside Hockey: The goalie mask's evolution

Does anyone actually really know if Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th ever played hockey?