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It's time to put cancer warning labels on alcohol, experts say

The pressure on the government to put cancer warning labels on alcohol containers is growing, as experts say the majority of Canadians don't know the risks that come with consuming even moderate amounts.

Menopause is coming out of the shadows. Many women looking for answers say it's about time

The shame and stigma associated with menopause have often left women feeling blindsided, according to a recent study released by the Menopause Foundation of Canada. Like other advocates, the group hopes to lift the veil of secrecy surrounding the "change" and help women access health care and support.

No uniforms, no guns: How police officers in Longueuil, Que., are confronting bias

When the balance of power lies in the hands of police, it can be devastating. It’s why the police force in Longueuil, Que., created a five-week immersion program aimed at confronting biases in their force.

Every 22 minutes a Canadian woman dies of a heart attack. Most of those deaths are preventable

Every 22 minutes, a woman in Canada dies of a heart attack. But the majority don't have to, experts say, warning that more women will die unnecessarily if the medical community doesn't tailor care to their needs.

This is what the latest pandemic wave is like for the ICU team at Humber River Hospital

Intensive care unit staff are working on the brink of collapse, and it's forcing hospitals to take a hard look at how to cope with this COVID-19 wave - and any other that may be still to come.

Alcohol should have cancer warning labels, say doctors and researchers pushing to raise awareness of risk

Advocates of warning labels want Canadians to understand that alcohol is classified as a Group 1 carcinogen and one of the top causes of preventable cancer.

Residents fear effects of increasing quarry activity on Elmvale groundwater, believed to be cleanest in world

Residents of Ontario community say wells located downhill from a local quarry are experiencing silting and water-level issues.