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Ilina Ghosh is one of this year's recipients of the CBC News Joan Donaldson Scholarship. She is currently working as a web writer and associate producer with CBC News. She has previously worked with CBC Radio and the Globe and Mail.

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How and why people 'microdose' tiny hits of psychedelic drugs

Illegal, underground and said to be brimming with health benefits — the practice of taking small amounts of psychedelic drugs is growing increasingly popular, yet it remains relatively unstudied and its reported benefits unproven.

Female soccer players more vulnerable to brain trauma from heading, new study finds

Doctors have long raised concerns over heading in soccer and its traumatic effect on players' brains, but a new U.S. study found five times more damage in females than in males.

Tenants opposing rent increase accuse building staff of harassment, obstruction

Tenants at a major Dundas West apartment complex are filing a complaint against building management for what they say is harassment and obstruction of those attempting to prevent an increase in rent.

Combating lack of information top priority for get-out-the-vote groups

With the provincial election only a day away, get-out-the-vote organizations are working to get Ontarians to the polls through education and encouragement.

Richmond Hill councillor leaves threatening voicemail over name of open mic night

Two local music promoters are accusing a Richmond Hill town councillor of harassment and intimidation — all over the name of their open mic night.

Pride Toronto launches new safety campaign prompted by alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur

Until We’re Safe​ is a new, week-long community engagement campaign prompted by the police's handling of investigations into deaths and disappearances in Toronto's gay village and high levels of hate crimes against the LGBTQ community.

'Dreams going up in flames': Sunnybrook Stables founder mourns losses in fire

Garry Leeson founded the horseback riding school in 1968 and although he sold the stables decades ago, the fire — which destroyed parts of the property and killed 16 horses — affected him deeply.

Lights, camera, Doors Open: Visit some of the city's top film locations this weekend

This weekend's Doors Open Toronto, the annual event that allows visitors access to places typically closed to the public, is opening the doors to some of Toronto's most popular filming locations.

Zanana Akande honoured with YWCA Toronto Women of Distinction Award

This week, Akande is being honoured for her many years of public service, receiving the 2018 YWCA Toronto Women of Distinction Award.

How Toronto is 'at the lead' in the effort to save its bees

As the province battles the decline in wild bee and honeybee numbers, various Toronto initiatives are working to study and preserve the bee population.