Geoff Nixon

Geoff Nixon is a writer on the national digital desk in Toronto. He has covered a wealth of topics, from real estate to technology to world events.

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Chad Allan, founding member of The Guess Who, dead at 80

Chad Allan, a Winnipeg-born, multi-talented musician who shared a stage with some of Canada's rock greats and hosted CBC's Let's Go music program, has died at the age of 80.

A family's agony waiting for word on Canadian feared to be a Hamas-held hostage

The wait for news on the fate of a Canadian feared to be held hostage by Hamas has lingered as an increasing number of Israel hostages have been freed in recent days.

After weeks in captivity, freed Palestinians and Israelis must rebuild lives amid ongoing war

A small number of Palestinian and Israeli families were reunited with loved ones on Friday as a Qatar-mediated, four-day truce between Hamas and Israel began to unfold.

How higher oil prices could pump more money out of your wallet this fall

If the more bullish forecasts prove accurate, a return to triple-digit oil prices could be just around the corner, as Canadian consumers struggle to keep pace with sharply higher prices for many essentials, including food.

TikTok hit with $500M fine in Europe for past failings safeguarding youth privacy

TikTok was handed a large fine from a regulator in Europe for past shortcomings in protecting the privacy of younger users, a development that experts say could have implications for Canadian regulators and young people using the popular platform here.

Expect gambling ads to get more 'creative' amid Ontario's stricter rules

Companies offering online gambling to Ontarians will soon have to try new some approaches to advertising, as a provincial regulator moves to bar athletes and other celebrities from promoting their services.

More drones appear in Moscow, providing Russians a more open window into Ukraine war

Hostile drones have made frequent appearances in Moscow of late — striking buildings, knocking out windows and causing flights to be grounded, all while tying up Russian resources.

Divorcing couples under more pressure with higher housing costs and tough choices to make

Divorce brings many challenges, including finding new accommodations under duress. The high cost of housing is making that part of the process that much harder for couples going their separate ways, according to real estate and family law professionals.

The U.S. Senate is steadily aging — but members leave on their own terms

Recent events involving some of the oldest and most senior-ranking U.S. senators this summer have renewed questions about whether an age limit would be appropriate. Nearly one-fifth of this group will soon be older than every member of Canada's own Senate.

These Canadian cities are making it easier for cyclists and pedestrians to get around this summer

Summer brings the opportunity more strolls and hikes, and more time on bikes — in some cases, on streets without cars.