Erica Johnson

Investigative reporter

Erica Johnson is an award-winning investigative journalist. She hosted CBC's consumer program Marketplace for 15 years, investigating everything from dirty hospitals to fraudulent financial advisors. As co-host of the CBC news segment Go Public, Erica continues to expose wrongdoing and hold corporations and governments to account.

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A family paid over $400 for Nike shoes that lasted 10 weeks

Spencer Potter, 15, is an aspiring soccer player, so he thought saving up to help buy some expensive Nike cleats would improve his game. But after 10 weeks of practice, one shoe tore open. Nike claimed excessive use, but a shoe repair expert blames the design.
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Insider says Manulife Bank didn't protect customers' highly private information for years

A Manulife insider says, for nearly a decade, the corporation didn’t properly protect thousands of Canadian bank customers’ private information — such as credit card and account details, dates of birth and social insurance numbers. And customers had no idea.
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TD Bank customer lost $480 after e-transfer cancelled — despite having autodeposit

An Edmonton woman is out almost $500 after accepting an e-transfer for power tools she advertised for sale. She figured the e-transfer was secure, since she has autodeposit set up on her TD Bank account. She was wrong.
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Kia dealership breaks 'all-in pricing' law in secret shopper test

An Edmonton car salesman says the Kia dealership he recently left repeatedly ripped off customers, emboldened by a shortage of new vehicles in the pandemic. He says the dealership didn't sell vehicles at the advertised price, breaking the law in Alberta and several other provinces.
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Family says Amazon shipped fake product, refuses refund until 'correct' item returned

A Calgary man thought it'd be a nice present for his son — ordering computer parts on Amazon so his newly minted high school grad could build his own PC. But when the $690 graphics card arrived, it turned out to be a fake. That was the start of a five-month headache.

Edmonton man told to pay $2,400 'market adjustment' fee on new car he'd ordered — or lose it

Randy Lowry was excited to sit in the new Kia Telluride he'd ordered from a dealership, but wasn't excited to learn about the car's new price. The sales manager at Kia West Edmonton told him there was an extra $2,400 "market adjustment" fee — and that other dealerships are now charging it, too.
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Man sleeping in his car says tenants owe more than $31K, won't leave his rental property

An Ontario man is sleeping in his car because tenants in his income property haven’t paid rent for months — leaving him too broke to pay rent somewhere else. Property owners in several provinces say wait times to get disputes heard have ballooned and governments must do more to evict delinquent tenants.

Preventable bedsore contributed to this man's painful death, and they're on the rise

Ken O'Leary acquired a bedsore "the size of an avocado" while in an Ontario hospital — contributing to a painful death. He is one of thousands of Canadians who develop the excruciating and potentially deadly sores every year, after being admitted to hospital.

Renowned sand artist up against the clock as tide threatens massive installation in Tofino, B.C.

Artist Jim Denevan is in a race against time to finish a sand installation 1,000 metres by 200 metres in Tofino, B.C., before a high tide expected Saturday night washes it away.

RBC agent pushes unnecessary chequing account on customer, comments on his accent

A Royal Bank customer says he was pressured into signing up for a chequing account he didn’t need. His experience mirrors the findings of a report on the big six banks, years in the making, after Go Public exposed high-pressure environments leading to inappropriate sales.