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Enza Uda is an investigative journalist with CBC News and has been a producer with CBC's investigative news segment, Go Public, since 2007. Enza has earned several awards, both local and national, on a variety of topics.

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Telco customer sees internet bill more than triple during pandemic — and she's not alone

Customers who rely on cellular connections to access the internet say they're being hit with unfair overage fees when many are required to work and study from home. They want better price breaks and say promises to beef up high-speed access outside major cities haven’t resulted in action.

Time is running out for hundreds of Canadians stuck in Peru, desperate to come home

More than 1,000 confused and frustrated Canadians who are stranded in Peru have formed a Facebook group to share information about how to get home after the country went into lockdown and closed its borders.

Customers file record number of complaints about Canadian telcos

Consumers filed a record-breaking number of complaints against Canada's telecom companies in 2018-19 — nearly 19,300, up 35 per cent. Billing and contract disputes continue to top the list, fuelling calls by a consumer advocacy group for more price protections.

Bank regulator's report on aggressive sales tactics weakened after government — and banks — reviewed drafts

Last year’s report from Canada’s banking regulator about aggressive sales tactics underwent several drafts that eliminated proposed protections for consumers — edits that were made after the regulator sent early versions to the federal Finance Department and the big banks.
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McDonald's franchisee sues fast food giant over temporary foreign worker controversy

A former Victoria franchise owner is suing McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada for abruptly ending their relationship amid accusations of favouring temporary foreign workers over Canadians, breaking federal rules of the program.
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B.C. youth care home investigation finds unsafe conditions

A provincial investigation has found quality-of-care concerns including staff with criminal records and caregivers without proper training at youth care homes run by a contracted agency in the Lower Mainland.