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Brodie Fenlon is editor in chief and executive director of daily news for CBC News.

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Canadian trust in journalism is wavering. Here's what CBC News is doing about it

Faith in journalism around the world is fragile and wavering. Nearly half of Canadians surveyed in a recent report said they agreed that reporters are purposely trying to mislead by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations. Here is some of what we're doing to rebuild that trust.
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How CBC covered a year of unprecedented news stories

For journalists, it is almost impossible to describe the events of this remarkable year without sounding hyperbolic. Few of us have worked through such an unrelenting news cycle, where each story seems to dwarf the one before and where the unprecedented has become the routine. We take a look back at how CBC covered 2020.
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How our stories make an impact in local communities and on the national stage

While news organizations like ours produce all sorts of stories and features, public service journalism is a special breed of storytelling that requires deep commitments of time, resources, investigative skill and legal support. It can be difficult and costly — and is often the most important work we do. 
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What CBC's newsrooms are doing to deliver on pledge to improve diversity, inclusivity

Nearly half a year has passed since the killing of George Floyd set off a global reckoning with anti-Black racism that spanned countries and industries, including the media. Here are some of the actions CBC newsrooms have taken since then to be more inclusive and diverse and to make our journalism more accurate, authentic and relevant to all Canadians.
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What trusted journalism looks like in the age of disinformation, polarization

CBC News is one of the most trusted news brands in Canada, but we do not take the public's trust for granted or assume most people understand how our stories get made. The editor's blog is an attempt to share some of what goes on behind the scenes. In this edition, we unpack how CBC News deals with confidential sources and allegations of political bias.
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On George Floyd's death, journalism and inclusive newsrooms

Hard questions were asked this week by the CBC audience and staff as George Floyd’s death lit the fuse on a powder keg of anger and frustration over anti-Black racism. CBC News editor in chief Brodie Fenlon offers some answers.
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Canada not immune to the virus of COVID-19 conspiracies

CBC News has devoted a considerable number of resources to fact-checking COVID-19 claims in an effort to combat what some have described as “a pandemic of misinformation."
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Why we can't tell you the full COVID-19 story

Today CBC News is launching a project called Lives Remembered, our commitment to honouring and understanding more about the Canadians who have lost their lives to COVID-19.
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Names, facts and reporting on the Nova Scotia shooting rampage

The shooting rampage in Nova Scotia that left at least 18 victims dead has devastated the small communities in which it occurred and shocked the entire country. At CBC News, we take seriously our responsibility to tell you as much information as we have and deliver it to you without sensationalizing or understating its impact on Canadians. 
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Managing risk to get closer to the COVID-19 story

At CBC News, we are doing things differently — much differently — as we work to bring you the latest information about the coronavirus pandemic, investigate the important questions that need answering, and take you to the story we are all trying to properly comprehend.