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Brodie Fenlon is editor in chief and executive director of programs and standards for CBC News.

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How, when and why CBC News investigates claims of Indigenous identity

Reporting on stories of false Indigeneity is in the public interest because, experts say, failing to challenge false narratives is contrary to the principles of truth and reconciliation. But the bar for reporting on these stories is high. CBC's editor in chief Brodie Fenlon explains the careful considerations that CBC weighs before stories ever get to air or online.
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How CBC News uses the words 'terrorist,' 'terrorism'

Editor in chief Brodie Fenlon responds to complaints to CBC News regarding the use of the words "terrorist" and "terrorism" in coverage following the attacks by Hamas in southern Israel.
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Even in a democracy like Canada, journalists often face efforts to keep information from the public

News organizations in this country devote time and money in court challenging publication bans, secret trials and lack of access to information while under financial duress and cutting back wherever they can.

Canadian news is starting to vanish from Instagram. Google is next. Here's how to find CBC as that happens

Some readers are getting a preview of what social media and search engines will look like without Canadian news as tech companies make good on threats to eliminate it from platforms following federal legislation. We’re providing a list of other sources of CBC News to help you find our journalism and make it as easily accessible as possible
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How CBC News will manage the challenge of AI

Our guidelines on the use of AI are preliminary and subject to change as the technology and industry best practices evolve. What won’t change is our commitment to fact-based, accurate, original journalism — done by humans for humans.
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The threats to press freedom in Canada and the world

Last week marked the 30th anniversary of World Press Freedom Day, proclaimed in 1993 to reinforce the intrinsic relationship of a free press to all other human rights. What better time to reflect on the state of journalism in Canada and abroad?
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Why we have paused our CBC News Twitter accounts

Editorial independence is a bedrock principle for any credible news organization. It’s the beating heart of what we do each day in the news division of Canada’s national public broadcaster.
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CBC News stands by Coutts story despite statement from Danielle Smith's office

On Wednesday, the office of Alberta Premier Danielle Smith issued a statement demanding an apology and retraction of a story CBC News broke several days earlier.
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Introducing CBC News Explore, our free channel for streaming audiences

CBC News has launched a free streaming channel called CBC News Explore — a place where Canadians can step back from the fast pace of breaking news for a deeper dive into the stories and conversations that shape our lives.
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