Angela Sterritt

CBC Reporter

Angela Sterritt is an ​award-winning investigative journalist. She is the host of Land Back, a six-part CBC British Columbia original podcast that uncovers land theft and land reclamation in Canada. Sterritt is known for her impactful journalism on the tensions between Indigenous people and institutions in Canada. She is a proud member of the Gitxsan Nation.

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Living in a dilapidated home, this Musqueam elder asked his First Nation leaders for help. He's still waiting

Dunstan Campbell says he has been provided options for a potential new home, but no timeline for when he can move — an experience reflects the poor housing conditions on reserves and what Campbell sees as a lack of action to address them.

Toxic drugs killing First Nations residents in B.C. at nearly 6 times the rate of overall population: report

First Nations people are disproportionately represented in toxic drug poisoning deaths, according to new data from the First Nations Health Authority's 2022 Toxic Drug Data for First Nations people in B.C.

Former Vancouver detective warns against rental scams after home listed online without his knowledge

Discovering his home had been posted on a rentals site without his knowledge, former police officer and detective Paul McNamara says he wants people to be aware and protect themselves from similar scams, adding he received little support from authorities.

Gitxsan family wins full custody over child in controversial case

There were hugs and cheers in a packed Hazelton courthouse on Thursday as a B.C. judge granted permanent custody to the family of a Gitxsan child whose fate has been up in the air until now.

'We're ready for body sovereignty,' says Indigenous woman planning 1st birth in her home territory in 21 years

Many years ago, birthing centres across B.C. moved to larger towns and cities in an effort to centralize care. Now in Bella Bella, a Haíɫzaqv woman is planning the first birth in her home territory in 21 years.

Reclaiming identity in the face of systemic erasure

While the identities of Black and Indigenous people have been systemically erased, for many those lineages are also defined by resilience, resistance and reclamation.

25 years after the Delgamuukw case, the fight for land is more contentious than ever

A court case that has been hailed as a landmark victory for Aboriginal land rights is marking 25 years, but the battle over who controls land is more contentious than it's ever been, First Nations' leaders say.

Heiltsuk leaders reject Vancouver police apology after officers in bank arrest fail to attend ceremony

High-ranking Vancouver police officers and board members came bearing gifts for what was set to be an apology feast in the Heiltsuk community of Bella Bella. But a gift and the apology were rejected after the two constables who handcuffed a Heiltsuk man and his granddaughter outside a Vancouver bank in 2019 failed to attend.

Apology ceremony between police, Indigenous family won't go ahead as planned after arresting officers' no-show

A long-awaited apology ceremony for an Indigenous man and his granddaughter who were wrongfully handcuffed outside a bank in Vancouver will not be going ahead as planned Monday after the two arresting officers decided not to attend.

VPD moves to change handcuffing policy in response to Indigenous man and granddaughter detained at BMO

The Vancouver Police Board is seeking approval for changes to its handcuffing policy which include instructing officers to seek to maintain the dignity of the arrested, detained, or apprehended person and take the person's Indigeneity, race and age into consideration when doing so.