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Adam Miller is a senior health writer with CBC News. He's covered health, politics and breaking news extensively in Canada, in addition to several years reporting on news and current affairs throughout Asia.

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Why we need to rethink COVID-19 risk as the weather warms up

Experts say we need to shift our messaging and set out realistic parameters for socializing safely over the next few months or risk losing the room — or worse, pushing people to more dangerous behaviour.

What a 3rd wave of COVID-19 could look like in Canada — and how we can avoid it

Is Canada destined for a 3rd wave? Or will we be able to adequately respond to the threat of coronavirus variants spreading across the country to avoid one altogether?
Second Opinion

Canada is 'playing chicken' with COVID-19 by reopening while variants are spreading widely

Much of Canada is lifting lockdown measures and reopening risky indoor settings while experts warn fast-spreading coronavirus variants threaten to jeopardize recent progress and trigger a brutal third wave.

Canada hesitates to update public health guidelines on risk from coronavirus variants

The rapid spread of more contagious coronavirus variants across Canada has led some hard-hit regions to question whether national public health guidelines go far enough to protect Canadians — and they're sounding the alarm over the dangers of just minutes of exposure.

Should Canada divert vaccines from regions with low COVID-19 levels to hot spots?

In a week bookended with significant COVID-19 vaccine delays while cases of coronavirus variants continue to climb in Canada, experts are divided on whether vaccines should be diverted from parts of the country with fewer cases to those with hot spots.

Why you might want to start wearing better masks — even outdoors

The spread of more contagious coronavirus variants in Canada amid already high levels of COVID-19 makes it a critical time to think about the masks we wear.
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Canada is on the hunt for coronavirus variants — but may not be able to keep up with outbreaks

Canada is on the hunt for highly contagious strains of the coronavirus, but experts say they could already be spreading across the country and we may not be able to keep up with surveillance as more outbreaks occur.
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How the spread of coronavirus variants could completely change the pandemic in Canada 

More contagious strains of the coronavirus are rapidly spreading around the world, raising concerns that they may already be silently driving spikes in cases in Canada that threaten to overwhelm the healthcare system. 
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'Lockdown light' failed in Canada's hardest-hit regions. Here's what experts say should happen now

Ontario and Quebec have consistently failed to contain the spread of COVID-19 with inadequate, poorly timed lockdowns, leaving little choice but for much more draconian measures to be put in place, health experts tell CBC News.

Why Canada's vaccine rollout is slower than other countries' — and what can be done to fix it

Canada is falling behind in its initial rollout of COVID-19 vaccines at a critical time in the pandemic, and experts say our most vulnerable populations are being left at risk.