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Adam Miller is a senior health writer with CBC News. He's covered health, politics and breaking news extensively in Canada for over a decade, in addition to several years reporting on news and current affairs throughout Asia.

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Canada could avoid the worst of a 4th wave — but we're not out of the woods yet

Canada will likely face a fourth wave of the pandemic as the highly contagious delta variant continues to spread ahead of borders and schools reopening, but there’s growing optimism another surge won’t bring the country back to a crisis point.

Why mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for health-care workers could help Canada fight a 4th wave

The debate over mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for health-care workers is growing louder in Canada as more countries move forward with the controversial approach to safeguard health-care settings and fight the spread of more contagious variants.

What Canada needs to do now to capitalize on low COVID-19 levels and keep them that way

COVID-19 levels haven’t been this low in Canada in a long time, but the actions we take now to maintain control mean the difference between living with the virus or hiding from it in the weeks and months ahead.
Second Opinion

Why Canada is divided over reopening despite controlling COVID-19

The end of the pandemic may be finally within sight in Canada, after incredible progress has been made battling back the spread of COVID-19 — but nothing is set in stone with COVID-19 and that uncertainty is dividing experts on what to do next.
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Why new guidance for vaccinated Canadians leaves plenty of room for confusion

Canada has finally released guidelines on what fully vaccinated Canadians can and can't do safely together, but experts say while the long overdue guidance is welcome — it still leaves many unanswered questions. 

Why mixing Pfizer and Moderna vaccines could help Canada end the pandemic sooner

Canadians who are offered a different COVID-19 vaccine for their second shot than their first shouldn't hesitate to mix and match, experts say, as supply temporarily shifts from Pfizer-BioNTech to Moderna.
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How vaccines can crush the variants and make reopening permanent in Canada

Canada is poised to battle back more contagious coronavirus variants that threaten to jeopardize reopening plans across the country due to a huge uptick in vaccine supply, a willingness from Canadians to get the shots and some promising new vaccine research. 

Canada still lacks national guidance for fully vaccinated Canadians as travel restrictions ease

Canada still hasn’t provided clear guidance to fully vaccinated Canadians on what they can and can’t do safely as the number of second doses of COVID-19 vaccines ramps up across the country and travel restrictions are set to ease.
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Race between vaccines and variants is back on as B.1.617 takes hold in Canada

A new variant is taking hold in Canada, but our vaccine supply is ramping and second doses are accelerating across the country. So how at risk are we from B.1.617, and how concerned should Canadians be as we inch closer to reopening much of the country?

Canada recommends mixing and matching AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines

Canada is changing its guidelines on mixing and matching second doses of COVID-19 vaccines and is now advising Canadians to combine either the AstraZeneca-Oxford, Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna shots interchangeably in certain situations.