At Issue: Hateful comments on social media directed at MPs

On Thursday’s At Issue panel on The National, members of Parliament read some of the hateful messages they’ve received on social media and the panel discusses the ramifications.

Panel discusses the nasty messages politicians receive and what can be done about them

At Issue | Hateful tweets

6 years ago
Duration 18:13
The At Issue panel looks at the racism, misogyny and threats directed at politicians

"If you can't take the hate, get out of Parliament." That's just one of the nasty tweets Canadians MPs have received, and it's one of the tamer messages.

Just over a week ago, Alberta member of the legislature Sandra Jansen stood in the house and read a string of vicious messages directed at her after she switched parties.

As part of Thursday's At Issue panel on CBC's The National, a group of MPs read some of the hateful messages they have received on social media.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May received one tweet that was the repetition of "c--t"

Other female MPs shared messages, many calling them bitches or c--ts, or describing acts of violence.

The hate-filled tweets weren't only for the women. Conservative MP Deepak Obhrai reads a message calling him a "brown piece of shit."

Watch the video as the At Issue panel talks about who sends the messages and what can be done about them.