Argos swap strippers for swimsuits

Succumbing to league pressure, the Toronto Argonauts have scrapped plans to have wet T-shirt contests featuring dancers from a local strip club at their pre-game parties.

But the Argos haven't gotten rid of flesh all together.

The team's new Argo Rock'n Roll Party will feature a series of swimsuit competitions open to all women, the team said in a release late Tuesday.

The release also said that the Argos have ended any association with the Whiskey A Go-Go nightclub.

Last week, the Argos said that the club's dancers would take part in wet T-shirt and bikini contests at their pre-game tailgate parties this season.

The team made the move in an effort to attract the much-sought-after young male demographic to games.

The Argos had a season-ticket base of 4,300 through mid-March, the league's worst.

League brass weren't impressed.

"Obviously I was surprised and clearly I'm quite concerned. It is what I consider to be an inappropriate direction," commissioner Michael Lysko said Friday.

He also said that he had planned to speak with Argos owner Sherwood Schwarz on the weekend.

Apparently his words worked.

The change in Argos plans should also please its league rivals, who were shocked and upset by the agreement with the strip club.