Anglo website victim of language hacker

Call it a slip of the mother tongue. The web page of the Anglo Society of New Brunswick was attacked by computer hackers who translated the whole site from English into French.

The Anglo Society of New Brunswick stands for the rights of English-speaking people.

But last weekend, their website turned French and they were unable to access the site by an unknown hacker.

Long-time Society member George Astle thinks that will anger people.

"It is going to affect the English people and it is going to wake up a lot of English people's minds, say, what's going on here, are we being downgraded? And let's hope it's not something to do with the Acadian Society and the Anglo Society. Maybe it is just a crank somewhere in the province that is doing this. I don't know."

Constable Mike Arseneau says the RCMP has not been asked to investigate, but it does have experts ready. He says this is a serious crime.

"If a person was charged with mischief to data, he'd be looking at possibly up to ten years imprisonment. That is the most severe punishment, is ten years."

Some Anglo Society members think the hacker attack may be linked to a court case this week in which a Francophone man is charged with assaulting an Anglo Society protester.