Angela Sterritt

CBC Reporter

Angela Sterritt is a journalist from the Gitxsan Nation. Sterritt's news and current affairs pieces are featured on national and local CBC platforms. Her CBC column 'Reconcile This' tackles the tensions between Indigenous people and institutions in B.C.

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'Our voices are being silenced': Athletes speak out about media ban at All Native Basketball Tournament

Indigenous basketball players are speaking out after a First Nations community tournament banned most media outlets from covering any negative aspects the games.

'I try my hardest not to think about it': 12-year-old recounts handcuffing at BMO

A 12-year-old girl and her grandfather are speaking out about being handcuffed on a busy downtown Vancouver street after being falsely accused of a fraud.

VPD face investigation over arrest of Indigenous 12-year-old and grandfather

The Police Complaint Commissioner became aware of the matter through media reporting and complaints from the public.

Indigenous grandfather and 12-year-old handcuffed in front of Vancouver bank after trying to open an account

A 12-year-old girl and her grandfather were handcuffed by Vancouver police after trying to open an account at the Bank of Montreal. Both the bank and the police have apologized, but now a human rights case may be filed.

'We deserve to benefit from this land': Squamish Nation votes for $3B housing project on its land

The Squamish Nation in B.C. voted last night to approve one of the largest real estate projects run by a First Nation in Canada.

In the Year of Indigenous Languages, why is an Indigenous student still being forced to take French?

Creighton Angus-Morrison is only in elementary school, but he is doing everything he can to learn his Indigenous language. However he, his mom and his school district have been unable to find a way for him to learn it remotely from his Burnaby school. He is being taught French instead.

B.C. First Nation has change of heart, now opposes Trans Mountain pipeline project

A First Nation that was once in full support of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project is now standing in opposition, at least until it feels confident the project won't destroy one of their ancient villages.

'I was just shocked': Cree woman makes bold statement against racial profiling

A Cree woman living in B.C.'s Fraser Valley says she is making a statement after she was racially profiled in Chilliwack.
Reconcile This

Reconciliation or appropriation: Should B.C.'s lieutenant governor be speaking Indigenous languages?

Lt.-Gov. Janet Austin is the representative of the Queen and of colonial power in British Columbia. So what does it mean when she decides to give speeches in Indigenous languages?

'Is this their investigation process?' Indigenous advocate calls for RCMP transparency after disturbing video

A video showing an RCMP officer from West Kelowna, B.C., questioning the validity of an Indigenous teen's sexual assault report is raising more questions.

'Were you at all turned on?': RCMP's handling of sexual assault interview denounced

A young Indigenous woman who once reported a sexual assault to B.C. police says she has been retraumatized after watching video of a lone male RCMP investigator ask if she was "turned on" by the attack.

Former foster kids reclaim Indigenous culture through fashion

Indigenous youth who have aged out of B.C.'s foster care system are heading to Sydney, Australia this summer to showcase clothing designed to highlight their culture.
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Rush for Indigenous hires at universities opens door to failure, impostors, say academics

Universities across Canada are feeling the pressure to hire more Indigenous faculty. But what kind of effect is this having on Indigenous scholars?
Reconcile This

'I felt like I was betraying my own': Indigenous social workers open up about challenges

Indigenous social workers speak out about the challenges of working in a small community where everyone knows every one.

The little-known history of Squamish Nation land in Vancouver

A Squamish Nation proposed housing development has shed light on the traditional village of the Squamish Nation called Sen̓áḵw or Kitsilano Indian Reserve no.6.