Amanda Todd stood up to stalker in Facebook conversation

Amanda Todd challenged her online stalker in a conversation she had with the Dutch man alleged to have extorted her online, a Facebook security report obtained by CBC's the fifth estate shows.

WARNING: This story contains graphic language

(Submitted by the Todd family)

Amanda Todd challenged her online stalker in a conversation she had with the Dutch man alleged to have extorted her online, a Facebook security report obtained by CBC's the fifth estate shows.

In one conversation with Todd, a 15-year-old B.C. girl who died by suicide, the stalker identified online as Tyler Boo writes: "U already forgot who I am? The guy who last year made you change school.

"Give me 3 shows and I will disappear forever. you know I won't stop until you give me those 3 shows."

"Not gonna happen," Todd responds. "Do you wanna meet me? Come me me right now. Or are you too scared?"

Working with the Dutch TV program Zembla, CBC's the fifth estate obtained information from a Facebook report on Todd's alleged stalker that identifies at least four extensive online conversations that took place between the suspect and the B.C. teen. (Watch the full fifth estate documentary Stalking Amanda Todd: The Man in the Shadows on Friday at 9 p.m., 9:30 NL on CBC Television, or at the fifth estate website.)

Earlier this year, B.C. RCMP announced charges against Aydin Coban, a 35-year-old Dutch citizen, in connection with the online sexual extortion of Todd.

In October 2012, the teen from Port Coquitlam committed suicide after posting a video on YouTube saying she had been blackmailed by an online predator after exposing her breasts using a webcam.

In the aftermath of her suicide, Facebook began an investigation of an unidentified person who used different online platforms, including Facebook, to "solicit nude videos and images of minors," as well as to convince young girls to "appear naked during web camera chat sessions."

Target since 2011

Todd was one of those young girls. The Facebook report identifies messages as far back as 2011 that show she was a target of the suspect.

But it also states that based on Todd's age and her claim that the abuse started when she was 11 years old, the suspect may have been tormenting young girls since 2008.

The report outlines one of the four conversations, reproduced below, which took place on Oct. 21, 2011, about a year before Todd took her own life.

The transcript below includes symbols that are commonly used in online conversation. Among those symbols, :p is a tongue sticking out, often meant in a flirty, mischievous or teasing context; xD is "Smiling hard or laughing;" IDC is "I Don't Care;" and :3 is a "Cat face or "kitty," — based on faces made by Anime characters when they say something cute, clever or sarcastic. The quotes have been reprinted exactly as they appeared during the chat.

TYLER BOO: sup camwhore, been a while :P

i didnt send the video the last time because i liked how you whined,but as you know i have your new school, new schoolmates new flash your parents havent seen etc etc blahblah you know the drill.

so 3 shows of 15 minutes and then i wont send :3

AMANDA: Oh yeah what are some names;)

TYLER BOO: lol, u already forgot who i am? the guy who last year made you change school. got your door kicked in with cops in the morning :P

and also on youtube like 6 months ago whatever, scared you a bit :P

you promised the authorities not to do be sexual on cam again because you are underage and it is considered producing of child porn….well, you have. so i can send them that and make them come to you again, send your new school and friends and family again.

you will go through the exact same thing all over.

or you can give me 3 shows and i will disappear forever. you know i wont stop until you give me those 3 shows. if u go to a new school, new bf, new friends, new whatever, i will be there again :P

i am crazy yes xD

so your answer :3

Todd had tried ignoring her stalker, but that did not stop the blackmailing. The teen's response to Tyler Boo in the Facebook chat logs shows she defiantly stood up to her online stalker.

AMANDA: do u wanna meet me ? come meet me right now.

TYLER BOO: are u drunk? xD

AMANDA: NOPE. im sober, or are u to scared f--king pedo

TYLER: year scared of u and flying 3 hours.

AMANDA: ur scared of airplanes eh ?

TYLER BOO: so about them 3 shows :3

AMANDA: not gonna happen prick. so far how many people have inboxed u about this eh ?of my friends

TYLER BOO: 4 and i hope more do so i can send them the link to the video directly, faster instead of going to their pages xD


TYLER BOO: it should be a surprise for u. can you tell more them to inbox me. a lot of them i cant message without adding as friend so would no be able to send them :P

AMANDA: ah nope :P u trying to scare and piss me off cus ur just wasteing ur f--king time and the cops are tracking ur computer where ur sending from, boy your stupid why do u think im messageing u, there is a big crowd of people watching me type behind me

TYLER BOO: u still think ur dealing with an amateur after the last time? xD

im still here :P

AMANDA: LOL IDC go for it :d

The fifth estate's Mark Kelley showed Todd's mother, Carol Todd, a transcript of the conversation her daughter had with her stalker who went by the name Tyler Boo.

"He was very persistent when you look at the kinds of conversation," Carol Todd told Kelley. "And here's Amanda, she's goading him."

Amanda Todd's mother, Carol Todd, has been speaking out to parent groups and government officials about the dark side of the internet. (Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press)

"It probably made him angrier that she was finally sticking up. She was not going to do any more pictures or she wasn't going to do anything for this guy."

In November 2011, after being "sextorted" by her stalker for an extended length of time, Todd posted a Facebook status update revealing her feelings about the ongoing online abuse against her.

Posted 2011-11-12 19:29:53 UTC

Status I'm so sorry, everyone who got the links from austin collins. When I was 11 years old I got a message saying 'I have all your information, I will come find you if you don't flash and do this for me' so I was scared, I said, 'one time okay' so I did it. And he said if I didn't do it again he would send to all port coquitlam. I wasn't going to do it again, so then he sent it to everyone in port coquitlam. Teachers, friends family. On christmas. So I moved, I thought new start for my messup would be good, then he followed me.. He stalked and found out my new school and friends and now you guys all got the link. Judge me, or be there for me. Wichever you guys want.. But right now I feel like shit, I feel so sad and sick.. That he's gonna do this for the rest of my life and there's nothing I can do. He made you all think he's a young boy in his teens that is going to westview when he's over 30+, he's tyler boo.. He's a sick pedofile. The best thing I can say now is, don't send it, block him, don't click it.. I really don't know what to do anymore.

Todd took her life almost a year after this Facebook post, on Oct. 10, 2012.

(Watch the full fifth estate documentary Stalking Amanda Todd: The Man in the Shadows on Friday at 9 p.m., 9:30 NL on CBC Television, or at the fifth estate website.)