Alliance, PC merger talks reach critical point

Merger talks between the Canadian Alliance and the Tories are nearing the critical point.

The leader of the federal Conservatives says a deal must be reached within days in order to merge with the Canadian Alliance before the next election.

Tory Leader Peter MacKay met with his counterpart in the Canadian Alliance Stephen Harper, for about two hours to try to salvage the unite-the-right talks. MacKay says there is real fatigue on both sides and he doesn't know if there is room to bridge the gap.

"If we're not able to, through the involvement of emissaries, through the involvement of the leaders, and with the input of many, many sources on this, bridge this gap, then this has essentially become a distraction and with the time frame we're working under, it might have to wait until after an election," said MacKay.

The talks have faltered on the issue of how to chose a new leader and platform for the merged party.