Alberta's solicitor general accused of witness tampering

Alberta Liberals call on the province's Solicitor General to resign over allegations she tried to persuade a witness not to testify

Opposition Liberals are demanding Alberta Solicitor General Heather Forsyth resign over allegations she asked a witness not to testify at a trial in 1999.

The accusations, made during a court martial of her son at CFB Gagetown in New Brunswick, surfaced when a transcript of the hearing became public.

On Friday, she refused to talk about the allegations.

"It's before the courts, and I'm not prepared to make any more comments," Forsyth said. "I would hope ... that the media respect our privacy. It's been a very difficult time for our family."

Forsyth's son was found guilty of assault causing bodily harm at the court martial. Cpl. Thomas Forsyth was sentenced to eight months in a military prison but has been released while the case is being appealed.

According to the transcript, the military investigator said the original criminal case fell apart after Heather Forsyth persuaded her son's girlfriend not to testify.

The allegations about contacting a witness have not been proven. Forsyth was not solicitor general at the time, but was a member of the legislature.

Alberta's official Opposition party is calling on Forsyth to resign. The Liberals also want a full investigation.

Alberta Premier Ralph Klein said he's looking into the matter, but won't comment until he has more information.