Alberta compensates sterilization victims

Alberta will compensate nearly 500 people who were sterilized without their permission. The province is spending $48 million on this settlement but is resolving only two-thirds of the claims.

More than 2,800 Albertans were sterilized between 1928 and 1972 in a eugenics plan outlined in the now-defunct Alberta Sterilization Act.

Many of the victims have died, and most of those included in the compensation package remain in provincial care, either in institutions or as wards of the province.

Earlier this year Alberta's justice minister vowed to invoke the notwithstanding clause to limit the claims. Bill 26 placed a ceiling on the amount of money that victims could claim. The government withdrew the legislation less than 24 hours later in the face of public outrage.

The province has set up a settlement review panel to deal with the 300 or so other victims, who are living on their own. Some people are taking their cases to court.