Ahenakew claims 'racial control' of media

Former native leader David Ahenakew, who faces hate crimes charges, complains of "racial control" of the media.

An aboriginal leader who faces hate crime charges for comments about Adolf Hitler and the Jews has made controversial new comments about racial control of the media, a Toronto-based magazine says.

In its July/August edition, This Magazine quotes David Ahenakew as saying no one race should have control of the media.

"When a group of people, a race of people, can control the world media, then there's got to be something done about that," Ahenakew is quoted as saying before hanging up the phone on reporter Alex Roslin.

The article says Ahenakew later told the reporter that he is frustrated that he has to defend himself over his views on Jewish control of banks and the media.

"For me to keep defending myself in my own land is not going to happen," This Magazine quotes Ahenakew as saying.

It is Ahenakew's first interview since his controversial comments last year about Hitler.

In December, he told a Saskatoon reporter at a conference that Hitler was trying to "clean up the world" when he "fried" six million Jews in the Holocaust.

World domination

Ahenakew said Hitler's rise to power was a response to the "disease" of Jewish world domination.

He was head of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations senate at the time but later quit the post.

In June, the Saskatchewan Justice Department charged him with promoting hatred. He later apologized for his comments and said he doesn't hold the views expressed in the December interview.

But the article in This Magazine quotes sources familiar with the former native leader who say he has long held racist views which have been largely shielded from the public.