Walmart Canada plans 29 new stores in $340M expansion

Walmart says it plans to add 29 new supercentre stores in Canada over the next 12 months, part of a $340-million expansion plan aimed at filling the void that will be left with Target's departure.

Expansion plans come just weeks after Target announces it is leaving Canada

Walmart Canada plans 29 stores in $340M expansion

9 years ago
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Expansion plans come just weeks after Target said it is leaving Canada

Walmart says it plans to add 29 new supercentre stores in Canada over the next 12 months.

The expansion plan announced Wednesday is expected to cost $340 million and create 3,700 construction jobs, 1,000 in-store jobs and 300 new positions at distribution centres.

The move comes after 11 new Walmart supercentres opened across Canada in January, and on the heels of Walmart rival Target's ignominious retreat in the coming weeks from the Canadian market, less than two years after opening to much fanfare.

Although an impressive figure, the $340 million is actually less than the retailer said it pledged to spend in 2014 this time last year, when it said it was planning on spending $500 million and open 35 new stores.

The total price tag will include the remodelling and expansion of several stores to add full grocery departments.

The $340 million total includes the following spending plans:

  • Roughly $230 million on new stores.
  • $75 million to add distribution centres.
  • $35 million to beef up the chain's online offerings.

Walmart Canada's store count will rise to 396 by the end of January 2016, of which 309 will be supercentres and 87 will be discount stores.

Walmart says the locations of specific store and distribution centre projects will be announced over the coming weeks and months as projects become finalized.