Targeting scalper bots and 'double ending': CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet

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Plus, buying a grow-op by mistake and why you shouldn't get your eyeball tattooed

Proposed changes in Ontario would mean tighter rules for salespersons, brokers and brokerages representing more than one party in a real estate deal. (Graeme Roy/Canadian Press)

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So long, scalper bots

Fans were outraged last year after scalper bots effectively shut them out of getting tickets to The Tragically Hip's farewell tour. (Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press)
Last year, we investigated why many of you couldn't get tickets to see your favourite bands, including highly coveted seats for The Tragically Hip's farewell tour. Now, the government of Ontario is set to introduce new legislation to ban scalper bots.

$200K missing from Sears fund 

A $500,000 hardship fund created for former Sears Canada employees is facing a possible $200,000 shortfall, according to court documents. (CBC)
It's because the executive who promised to donate to the money is hesitating, according to court documents. "I'm disgusted with that," one senior operations store manager said. The retailer agreed to the $500,000 hardship fund to help cash-strapped employees.

Buying a grow-op by mistake

Claudette Charron bought her fixer-upper bungalow as an investment, but she didn't know there had been a grow-op in the basement. (Claudette Charron)
A woman thought she was buying a fixer-upper for a great price. She wasn't told the house was a former marijuana grow-op targeted in a drug bust last year and cleanup costs could reach $100,000. Go Public learned it's not easy to find out about a house's drug history.

Why you shouldn't tattoo your eye

Purple dye was leaking from Catt Gallinger's right eye immediately after the procedure. (Catt Gallinger/Supplied)
Scleral tattoos involve injecting diluted ink into the white of your eye and are illegal in Canada. This woman had the procedure done because she says she's interested in body modification, but she ended up in the emergency room and could potentially lose her eye. The tattoo artist who did the procedure says it wasn't his fault.

What else is going on?

Equifax hack update: The ex-CEO of the credit monitoring company attributed the breach to human error and technological error.

Another airline scuffle caught on video. A woman was forcibly removed from a Southwest Airlines flight in a struggle reminiscent of an April incident involving a United passenger.

Shopify described as a "get rich quick scheme." A high-profile short seller said most of the businesses the company works with aren't legitimate. The company's stock has dropped since the accusation.

This week in recalls:

Heads up, parents:This stroller attachment and wiggle ball, along with these children's plates and bowls and soother adapters, have all been recalled.

Also, these hair products are improperly labelled and don't include appropriate warnings, while these boas were recalled because they didn't meet flammability requirements.

Watch again this week: 'Double ending' in the crosshairs

New legislation in Ontario that's taking on scalper bots will also include real estate rules to address double ending. That's when a real estate agent represents both a buyer and a seller in a transaction. We investigated real estate agents last year to find out if your deal was rigged amid bidding wars cloaked in secrecy. You can watch it again online.