Sun TV signs up 2 more on-air staff

Montreal-based Sun TV News announced Friday two additions to the list of on-air personalities for its proposed all-news network.

Toronto-based Sun TV News announced Friday two additions to the list of on-air personalities for its proposed all-news network.

They are former CBC journalist Krista Erickson and columnist Ezra Levant, who will host a talk show.

Pierre Karl Peladeau, CEO of Sun Media Corporation, shown on Oct. 5 in Ottawa, announced two additions to the list of on-air staff for his proposed all-news channel. ((Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press))

Quebec media mogul Pierre Karl Péladeau made the announcement during a noon-hour speech in Calgary.

Péladeau, CEO of Quebecor and Sun Media Corp., announced plans in June  to launch the right-leaning network in January. The network is a partnership of Quebecor's TVA Group and its Sun Media unit.

Péladeau has argued in the past that Canada is ill-served by the existing specialty news channels — CBC News Network and CTV News Channel — and Canadians are tuning in to American alternatives instead.

In September, Sun TV announced that Winnipeg-based broadcaster Charles Adler would be part of the on-air lineup.

Awaiting CRTC approval

The network is waiting for the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission — the federal broadcast regulator — to issue the licence it requires to start operating. That's expected to be approved by Christmas.

On Oct. 6, Quebecor confirmed it was no longer seeking a controversial "must-carry" exemption on his Category 2 licence application.

That would have required carriers to make the channel available, likely either as a paid add-on service or as part of a specialty package in addition to basic cable, giving the news channel a three-year boost in seeking out viewers.

An advocacy group called led opposition to the proposed application, calling it a bid for special treatment by politically connected individuals.

The network would replace the over-the-air Sun TV station in Toronto and have its  headquarters there.


  • An earlier version of this story said Sun TV is based in Montreal. In fact, it is headquartered in Toronto.
    Oct 22, 2010 4:31 PM ET