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Sophia Harris has worked as a CBC video journalist across the country, covering everything from the start of the annual lobster fishery in Yarmouth, N.S., to farming in Saskatchewan. She now has found a good home at the business unit in Toronto. Contact:

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Big telcos tell CRTC they put customers first and shun shady sales tactics

Canada’s telecom companies are fighting back against allegations of shady sales practices, defending themselves as ethical corporations relentlessly focused on customer satisfaction.

Air Canada fined $65,000 for 'mental agony' after family kicked off flight

A consumer commission in India has ordered Air Canada and its partner Jet Airways to pay a Canadian family about $65,000 Cdn to compensate for the “mental agony and harassment” they suffered when Air Canada forced them off a flight.

'It's a human rights issue': Women fight for the right to be braless on the job

Some women are fighting for the right to be braless in the workplace. One B.C. woman filed a human rights complaint after her employer demanded she wear a bra.

As airlines hike checked bag fees, charges for carry-on luggage could be next

Now that Air Canada and WestJet have hiked their checked bag fees for economy fares, some airline experts predict a charge for carry-on could be next.

'It's not right': Shoppers angry over Walmart charging more for plus-size clothing

Some customers are angry Walmart Canada is charging more for plus-size clothing, a policy critics say amounts to an unjust "fat tax." The company defends its pricing arguing that larger items cost more to produce.

Here's what Air Canada's takeover of Aeroplan will mean for members

Now that Air Canada is poised to buy Aeroplan, members have new concerns: what happens to their hard-earned miles, and what will the program look like with Air Canada in the cockpit?

CRTC's unlocked phone rule has sparked a crime spree, Bell and Rogers say

Bell and Rogers say new rules mandating that Canadian carriers sell unlocked phones have triggered a rise in phone thefts. But their submission to the CRTC is short on numbers and details.

'It's going to be hard': Sears pension payments cut by 30% this week

Pension payments to Sears retirees were reduced by 30 per cent this week. In the fall, they will fight for more money in court, but anything they get will likely be a drop in the bucket compared to what they believe they're owed.

Unionized Quebec Tim Hortons workers unhappy with deal that cuts paid breaks

The union representing 80 workers at four Quebec Tim Hortons claims they've been dealt a blow after an imposed contract cut their paid coffee and lunch breaks, even though their employer is abiding by the collective agreement and the province's labour laws.

Sears board members have earned more than $600K since retailer's demise — and are still being paid

The law firm representing former employees will appear in court this month to aruge that Sears' Canada's board of directors is a financial drain and should be disbanded.

Aeroplan, PC Optimum grapple with points theft as thieves drain accounts, book flights

Loyalty programs Aeroplan and PC Optimum have both recently been hit with multiple cases of points theft. PC Opimum is now introducting tougher security measures for members.

Aeroplan announces big plans for its revamped program but members still skeptical

Aeroplan has announced ambitious plans to transform itself into a rewards program that doubles as a travel agency. But industry experts and members have questions about what direction it will take.

Loblaws mails $25 gift cards to shoppers who refused to send ID for price-fixing compensation

Loblaws has sent $25 gift cards to some customers who never expected to get one after they refused to send the retailer a copy of their ID. The cards are compensation for Loblaws's role in a national bread price-fixing scandal.

CRTC investigating 'possible misleading' telco sales practices after first rejecting the idea

The CRTC has launched a public inquiry into "possible misleading or aggressive" sales practices used by telecom companies, a move the regulator flatly refused to make just six months ago.

Customers call scrapped cellphone fee misleading, and some are still paying it

Thought that annoying system access fee was a thing of the past? Turns out, the saga isn’t over. Some people are still paying the controversial wireless phone charge. Meanwhile, a class action lawsuit targeting the fee is making its way to trial.