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U.S. border officers were told to target Iranian-born travellers, officer alleges in email

U.S. officers working at multiple Canada-U.S. border crossings were instructed to target and interrogate Iranian-born travellers earlier this month, said a U.S. border officer in an email obtained by CBC News. U.S. border authorities denied detaining Iranian-born travellers.

'I'm appalled': Lawyers alarmed as Ottawa gives more powers to U.S. border officers at Canadian airports

Several immigration lawyers say they're concerned about Canada's new preclearance act, which gives added powers to U.S. customs officers to strip-search, question and detain U.S.-bound travellers on Canadian soil. The federal government says the act will benefit Canadians by streamlining things at airports.

McDonald's still rejects reusable mugs — but promises change following customer outrage

While other coffee chains have accepted reusable mugs for decades, McDonald's normally rejects them because of hygiene concerns. Following customer outrage, the restaurant chain said it hopes to start accepting personal mugs nationally by the end of February.

New compensation rules for delayed flights arrive Sunday. Here's what you need to know

On Dec. 15, federal rules mandating compensation for delayed and cancelled flights finally take off. Here’s what you need to know about how the rules work and collecting compensation.

U.S. doubles number of 5-year bans on travellers from Canada

The number of travellers from Canada hit with long-term bans when trying to enter the U.S. has almost doubled, new data shows.

Little-known EU passenger rights can mean big cash for Canadians on delayed flights

Many Canadians are unaware that they can collect compensation right now if they're delayed on a flight for three hours or more, departing from Europe.

A crime of opportunity: Why some shoppers steal at self-checkout

Self-checkout provides average shoppers with shoplifting opportunities, turning them into "part-time" thieves who try to rationalize their bad behaviour, say industry experts.

'Treated as a criminal': Walmart receipt and bag checks anger customers. Your rights explained

An apparent step-up of receipt and shopping bag checks at Walmart has sparked customer complaints, raising concerns about shoppers’ rights.

'What a mess': McDonald's customers frustrated as 'Hamburglar' hacks more app accounts

The so-called Hamburglar is still at large, infiltrating customers’ McDonald’s app accounts and ordering food on their dime. For some victims, their troubles didn’t end there as they were unhappy with how McDonald’s handled their cases.

'I was shocked': Complaints mount after Amazon sends food that's expired or past its best-before date

CBC News examined customer reviews posted on in 2018-19 for various grocery items, and discovered numerous complaints about receiving food that was expired or past its best-before date. Amazon said the issue has been addressed.

Air Canada plans gender-neutral greeting, Porter, United create gender X category 

There's a growing recognition — including in the airline industry — that some people don't identify as male or female. However, most airlines still require passengers to designate themselves that way when booking flights. Activists say this needs to change.

Loblaws wanted too much information for $25 gift cards, privacy commissioner finds

Canada's privacy commissioner has concluded that Loblaws initially requested too much personal information from some customers before they could collect their $25 gift card — offered to make up for the company's bread price-fixing scandal.

Beyond Meat drops claims that eating meat ups risk of heart disease, cancer

Beyond Meat has dropped from its website statistics about the health risks of eating meat. The move follows criticism from experts about the company's health claims, but Beyond Meat said it's simply updating its site.

California sues travel sites FlightHub, JustFly for 'swindling' customers and 'deceptive' fees

The state of California has launched a lawsuit against online travel agencies FlightHub and JustFly for alleged “unscrupulous business practices." The agencies' owner says the allegations are "unfounded."

'This is really upsetting': Inconvenienced airline passengers struggle to get compensation under new rules

Canada’s new air passenger protection regulations promise big compensation for denied boarding: up to $2,400. However, some passengers have found that they need to do battle with the airline to collect their cash.