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Sophia Harris has worked as a CBC video journalist across the country, covering everything from the start of the annual lobster fishery in Yarmouth, N.S., to farming in Saskatchewan. She now has found a good home at the business unit in Toronto. Contact:

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Why Christmas is bad for the environment and what you can do about it

Canadians pile up more trash over holidays because they buy more stuff and a lot of it — from shiny wrapping paper to glittery cards — typically can't go in the recycling blue bin.

New Tim Hortons coffee lids leak too much, some customers say

New and supposedly improved Tim Hortons coffee lids are proving to be a bust with some customers who claim they're still causing leaks while the company says nine out of 10 patrons preferred the new version during trials.

'They kill jobs': Meet Canadians who refuse to use self-checkout

A new study found that about one-quarter of Canadians refuse to use self-checkouts. Many abstainers are trying to save jobs, but they face an uphill battle in the era of automation.

Sears pensioners hope to recoup their losses in $509M lawsuit

The Ontario Superior Court gives the green light to two lawsuits targeting $509 million in dividends paid to Sears Canada shareholders in 2013.

'It's going to be hard': Sears pension payments cut by 30% this week

Pension payments to Sears retirees were reduced by 30 per cent this week. In the fall, they will fight for more money in court, but anything they get will likely be a drop in the bucket compared to what they believe they're owed.

Why many Canadians don't love self-checkout

A new survey suggests that while a majority of Canadians are up for trying self-checkout at the grocery store, few have actually embraced it. A food retail expert suspects mediocre technology is to blame.

Expedia tells customer he'd lose $1,500 flight over misspelled name

Mo Shahin took on Expedia after the online booking agency told him that he'd have to rebook a non-refundable $1,500 flight due to a misspelled name.

72-year-old woman forced off Air Transat flight after requesting a barf bag before takeoff

Toronto's Anna Stratakos, 72, claims she was unfairly removed from an Air Transat flight for health reasons. Similar cases shared with CBC News recently raise questions about how airlines decide who is fit to fly.

Loblaws cranks up self-checkout with app that scans items while you shop

On Thursday, Loblaws will launch "shop and scan," a pilot project that allows customers to scan their items with a phone app while shopping, saving them time at checkout.

Walmart ramps up self-checkout, scales down 'scan and go' shopping

In the race to streamline the shopping experience, Walmart Canada is adding more self-checkout kiosks and revamping its ‘scan and go’ system where shoppers scan their items while they shop.

Walmart ramps up self-checkout by letting customers ring in items while shopping

New scan-and-go technology being rolled out at Walmart stores allows shoppers to scan and bag their items while they shop, and it may lead to customers bypassing checkout altogether.

$509M paid to Sears Canada shareholders could be subject of court case

The court-appointed monitor overseeing Sears Canada's insolvency plans to seek court permission to initiate proceedings against Eddie Lampert and ESL investments over millions paid out to Sears shareholders in 2013.

Small internet providers say CRTC rules lead to 'higher prices and less choice'

Canada's smaller internet service providers say the CRTC needs to revamp rules that protect the big telcos and erode consumer choice when it comes to high-speed internet service.

B.C. man kicked off WestJet flight after falling asleep before takeoff

A B.C. man who recently suffered a stroke said he was left humiliated and out more than a thousand dollars after WestJet kicked him off a flight to Cuba and stranded his family at the Toronto airport.

How to keep your debt down as interest rates go up

Interest rate are on the rise at a time when Canadians have piled up near-record levels of household debt. Financial experts offer advice on how to not let your debt get you down.