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Retail sales continue rebound, having risen 7 months in a row since COVID low in April

Retail sales have risen for seven months in a row and are now more than five per cent higher than they were before the COVID-19 pandemic began, Statistics Canada said Friday.

Bank of Canada holds rate steady at 0.25% even as it expects economy to shrink until March

The Bank of Canada elected to keep its benchmark interest rate steady at 0.25 per cent on Wednesday, reiterating its pledge to keep it there "until the recovery is well underway."

WestJet cutting jobs and slashing flight capacity by 1/3

WestJet is cutting staff and slashing its flight capacity by a third because of what the airline calls "instability in the face of continuing federal government travel advisories and restrictions."

Canada shed 63,000 jobs in December

Canada's economy lost 63,000 jobs last month, the first time the job market has contracted since the dark days of March and April, when COVID-19 was just starting.

Elon Musk passes Jeff Bezos to become world's richest person on Bloomberg list

Tesla CEO Elon Musk passed Jeff Bezos on Bloomberg's billionaires' list to become the world's richest person on Thursday, a title the Amazon founder has held since October 2017.

Facebook extends Trump ban indefinitely and Shopify shuts sites in wake of U.S. Capitol chaos

Major social media and e-commerce companies moved to further control outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump's ability to post on their platforms Thursday after his followers stormed the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., a day earlier.

Markets react to prospect of 'blue wave' in Georgia Senate vote

Investors digested the prospect of an unexpected win of two Georgia Senate seats by the Democrats on Wednesday, completing an apparent so-called blue wave that could have major consequences on investors' fortunes.

Canadian dollar flirts with 79 cents US for 1st time since 2018

The value of Canada's dollar approached 79 cents US for the first time in almost three years on Tuesday, as higher oil prices helped the loonie soar.

Amazon buys 4 jets from WestJet and 7 from Delta to expand cargo fleet

Amazon is buying four jets from WestJet and seven from Delta as the e-commerce giant moves to beef up its delivery fleet at a time when passenger jets are no longer so in demand.

Top-paid CEOs raked in average worker's annual salary before noon today

Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the highest-paid CEOs in Canada have already earned more in 2021 than the average Canadian worker will earn all year, according to a new report.

Pandemic isolation sees booming demand for pets — and for businesses that cater to them

All those new pet photos you've been seeing on social media don't lie. The pandemic has prompted booming demand for pets from Canadians feeling isolated after months of social distancing. And that's meant big opportunities for some Canadian companies that cater to that craving for companionship.

Canada's economy grew another 0.4% in October, but still well shy of pre-COVID level

Canada's economy grew by 0.4 per cent in October, the sixth straight month of expansion after a record-setting plunge in April.

Pandemic gloom has more Canadians turning to greeting card joy this holiday season

Canadians are turning to holiday cards to spread some much needed joy this year. In some cases the personal touch of handmade cards is even helping to bridge the physical distance keeping so many people apart because of COVID-19.

IPOs this week have DoorDash and Airbnb worth billions of dollars despite not turning a profit

The pandemic has been a boon for tech company shares as lockdown measures for millions of people feed record demand for digital services. And two big companies are cashing in by selling their shares to the public this week for billions of dollars despite not turning an annual profit.

Ikea to stop printing paper catalogue

After 70 years of printing, Ikea says it will no longer publish a paper catalogue of its products every year, and will instead go with an all-digital listing of its wares.