Shoppers Optimum and PC Plus merge: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet

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Plus: TD's ongoing e-transfer issues and the evolution of home delivery

Loblaw Companies Ltd. says it will merge Shoppers Optimum points and PC Plus points under the name PC Optimum starting in February. (Graeme Roy/Canadian Press)

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These loyalty programs are merging

Loblaw, which owns Shoppers Drug Mart, is merging the stores' loyalty points programs in February. If you're currently a member of PC Points or Shoppers Optimum, your account balances will be transferred over at par. However, the transfer won't be automatic in Quebec.

The evolution of home delivery?

Both Amazon and Walmart want to deliver packages inside your home — while you're not there. It's the latest way companies are trying to innovate to keep customers, but some people find it a little creepy.

Would you feel comfortable with in-home delivery when you're not there? (Amazon)

VW settlements 'up in the air'

It's been six months since Volkswagen agreed to settle a class action lawsuit over diesel emissions, but some Canadian car owners are still waiting to hear how they will be compensated. "Will it ever happen?" one person asked.

Jesse Zimmer is still waiting for his Volkswagen claim to be settled, even though he submitted his paperwork months ago. (Submitted by Mary-Eve Lingard)

TD's (ongoing) e-transfer issues

The bank said the payment problem was resolved last week, but some customers are still complaining they can't access their money, including a woman who couldn't pay her bills electronically and a child-care operator who's waiting on $3,000.

Monika Arpasi in Stouffville, Ont., says she still can't deposit $3,000 into her TD account because of an e-transfer payment glitch. (Monika Arpasi)

What else is going on?

Unsanitary nail salons in Manitoba. Failing to sterilize tools and reusing disposable items may be common problems in a province that doesn't conduct regular inspection.

Got milk? Pediatricians are warning parents that rice, coconut and almond milks aren't fortified with minerals or vitamins and often contain a lot of sugar.

This week in recalls:

Drive/ride safely. This brake fluid and these youth bicycles featuring specific bicycle cranks have been recalled.

Also, these smoked salmon flakes, TV mounts and magnetic building block sets have been recalled.

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Exposing people with fake degrees

As bachelor degrees become more common and job competition heats up, experts estimate that up to half of all new American PhDs are fake. So just how widespread is the deception in Canada? You can watch the episode online.

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