Online takeout food service pulls together 3,500 Canadian restaurants, Canada's largest online food-ordering service, is making a play for your cellphone with an app that allows mobile ordering, launched this week. woos consumers with new app calls itself Canada’s largest online food-ordering service, with more than 3,500 participating restaurants and 20,000 new customers every month.

Now the online source for takeout of every variety is making a play for your cellphone with an app that allows mobile ordering, launched this week.

Todd Masse, managing director of, says the online food ordering business is intensely competitive, with both restaurant chains and individual restaurants going after Canadian consumers over the internet.

But it’s not as easy as some think to drive a consumer to a website, Masse said in an interview with CBC’s Lang O’Leary Exchange.

"It’s really the convenience, speed and efficiency. The ability to sign on to a website while riding home on the Go train and you decide ‘hey I want takeout today.’ You decide your cuisine type; you choose a restaurant within your geographic region; you punch it in; we save all that information for you; you check out and it’s really easy," Masse said.

Ease is one of the keys for this business, as by aggregating restaurants by geographic zone, is attempting to offer more choice than consumers would have just driving to the closest takeout stop.

The app is part of a plan to build market share in Canada, one of 13 countries where Just-Eat operates. The company has a roster of restaurants in every major city in Canada.

Masse said the business is not yet profitable here because it has invested heavily in marketing.

"We are proud of the fact that we are helping the independent trade. Local restaurants have a great opportunity to work with Just-Eat because we have the structure to do a tremendous amount of marketing for them along with web pricing etc," he said. is free to the consumer, with restaurants paying a commission of 10-15 per cent of each order, depending on their market.

Masse says the company is private, but sales topped $1 billion a year in 2012.