Nova Scotia whisky distiller can keep Glen Breton label

Cape Breton's Glenora Distillery can use the Glen Breton label on its single malt whisky, a federal trademark body has ruled.

The only single malt whisky distiller in Canada has won a trademark battle overits product's Glen Breton name.

Nova Scotia's Glenora Distillerysaid Wednesday that the Canadian Trademarks Opposition Board has rejected the arguments of the Scotch Whisky Association.

Thedistillery is based in Glenville, Cape Breton, next to the community of Glenora Falls. The company decided to call its product Glen Breton Whisky as a way of incorporating these place names.

However, the Scotch Whisky Association took issue several years ago with the label and argued that the name Glen might confuse whisky drinkers into thinking they're sipping Scotch whisky.

The group argued that"glen" is a Scottish term, andonly whisky produced in Scotland should be called Scotch whisky.

The Scotch Whisky Association saidthe ruling goes against international case law and it plans to file an appeal.