Car recalls and real estate secrets: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet

If you've been too busy this week to keep up with health and consumer news, CBC's Marketplace is here to help.

Also: Where not to park in Canada, holiday budgeting tips, grab and Go in your future

Crystal Taillefer did not know her 2011 Dodge Journey had an open recall for a power steering hose until CBC News told her. (CBC News)

Recalled cars on road

Are you about to buy a lemon? Millions of vehicles on Canadian roads have an outstanding safety recall, about one in six.

Even worse, there's nothing stopping dealerships from selling a car with an open recall that hasn't been fixed. So drive (really) safe, friends.

Real estate secrets

The Toronto Real Estate Board appealed a decision that it must freely offer up the final selling price of homes. (Canadian Press)
A home's past sales prices, how long a home sat on the market: It's all inside information. And the real estate industry is fighting to keep sales data secret.

The secrecy is not great for consumers: A few weeks ago we showed how real estate agents sometimes break the rules because bidding wars are kept private.

Holiday budget tips

Here's what we want for the holidays: Not to go broke.

And here is some expert advice that might help: Embrace the second-hand economy. Return stuff you don't want. Save in advance for your holiday budget.

Want more? Watch our investigation on tricks retailers use to get you to spend more.

Grab and (Amazon) Go

The Amazon Go grocery store is open only to Amazon employees for now. (Jason Redmond/Reuters)
Lots of stores have self-checkouts these days. But how about a store with no checkout at all? Just pick up what you need and leave: That's how shopping works at a small grocery store that Amazon opened in Seattle.

It's just an experiment, but it could give us a look at the future of shopping. 

In other news …

Where not to park

CBC’s Marketplace analyzed more than 15 million tickets given out over the past five years. (CBC)

We'll be back in January with all-new shows, but ICYMI, you can watch our investigation on parking tickets again this weekend.

We analyzed parking ticket data from major cities across Canada, more than 15 million tickets total, and reveal the top ticket traps you should avoid.

Catch it on TV or watch it online now.