Online scam alert and making Uber safer: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet

Miss something this week? Don't panic. CBC's Marketplace rounds up the consumer and health news you need.

Plus: A settlement in the 'Buy now, pay later' case

This Montreal condo owner says it was brazen how someone lifted the photos from her realtor's website and used them to create a fake listing. (Jaela Bernstien/CBC)

Miss something this week? Don't panic. CBC's Marketplace rounds up the consumer and health news you need.

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Great-grandmother takes on bank

An 82-year-old was told she'd get nothing if she cancelled her life insurance policy with BMO. But she got money back and an apology.

Ella Beck paid into her plan for over a decade, and then learned that she had paid $3,780 into a $3,200 policy.

Forced breaks for Uber drivers

Uber says said the introduction of forced breaks for drivers follows similar moves by the company in other countries, as part of an effort to curb driver drowsiness. (Gian-Paolo Mendoza/CBC)
Starting next week, Uber drivers in Canada trying to work for more than 12 hours straight will be forced to take a six-hour break before they can hit the road again.

The ride-hailing app will block drivers from accepting customers if they don't follow the rules. The new policy is part of an effort to curb driver drowsiness.

'Buy now, pay later' settlement

The Competition Bureau looked into those "buy now, pay later" deals advertised by Leon's and The Brick. The bureau argued the promotions leave you paying more than advertised.

As part of the settlement, the retailers will each donate $750,000 worth of home furnishings to charities and have agreed to make their ads clearer about how much you'll end up paying.

Scam alert: Renters beware

That condo being advertised for rent may be a scam. Victims are asked for payment in advance and don't realize it's a scam until they come to pick up the keys.

While there's not much that owners can do, beyond reporting any fake ads, experts have advice for tenants: If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

What else is going on?

Air Canada says it's adding more Rouge planes on routes within Canada, so there may be more budget options next time you fly domestically.

Using piracy sites to stream your favourite movies and TV shows? The CRTC is planning to ban that practice, which critics say is a slippery slope to censoring what can be accessed online.

This week in recalls:

These Ram pickup trucks may have a problem with their gear shifters; these vitamins may contain glass fragments; the part that holds the wheels on these bicycles could break.

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