Another emissions scandal and dangerous avocados: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet

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Plus, the cost of free online promotions and how to deal with condo boards

A lawsuit on behalf of 705,000 U.S. Silverado and Sierra diesel truck owners alleges the vehicles have technology on them designed to beat emissions tests. (Rebecca Cook/Reuters)

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GM accused of emissions cheating

A class-action suit in the U.S. alleges that the Silverado and Sierra diesel trucks "emit two to five times the legal limits of deadly NOx [nitrogen oxide] pollutants." Meanwhile, here's where the Canadian class-action suit against Volkswagen over similar issues stands.

Worst destination wedding ever?

Not exactly a dream wedding for this Nova Scotia couple. (Robin Corkum)
A Nova Scotia couple had their dream wedding in Punta Cana spoiled, and not by a drunk relative. The would-be bride and groom and several guests were hospitalized with severe food poisoning. The couple hopes to return to the resort to get married, but they may avoid the buffet.

Free 'trial offers' could cost you

That 'free' or 'trial' offer might end up costing you. (Shutterstock)
Be careful when signing up for free promotions online. You could be stuck with unwanted subscriptions that forced some people to pay up to $800 or cancel credit cards to stop the charges. Looks like the free skin care people thought they'd get probably caused worry lines instead.

Who runs your condo board?

Make sure you know what's going on with your condo board. (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press)
Condo owners take note. A recent investigation found questionable practices at several downtown Toronto buildings. There are plenty of good reasons to know who's on your board and what your building's bylaws actually say. One good tip: ask for documents. If you don't get any, that's a bad sign.

Avocado-induced injuries

If you're going to enjoy an avocado, please do so safely.
Danger: Guacamole. Seriously. Stabbing yourself in the palm while trying to remove the pit of an avocado can cause a puncture wound that could easily get infected. One doctor's suggestion? Use a spoon.

What else is going on?

Privacy and smartphone apps: What data your phone may be giving away

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