Busting superfoods: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet

If you've been too busy this week to keep up with health and consumer news, CBC's Marketplace is here to help.

Also: The 'nocebo' effect, analyzing Quebec's Bill 62 and the dangers of BBQ brushes

Marketplace takes a closer look at the hype behind three exotic 'superfoods' — coconut water, chia seeds and quinoa. (CBC)

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What's the 'nocebo' effect?

Expensive medicines can seem to create worse side-effects than cheaper alternatives, suggests a new study. (CBC)

It's the opposite of a placebo effect; nocebo is the perception of negative side effects from a benign "medication" in a blind trial. And now a new study suggests that expensive medicines can seem to create worse side-effects than cheaper alternatives.

Analyzing Quebec's Bill 62

A new Quebec law prohibits public workers, and those receiving a government service from covering their faces. (Peter McCabe/Canadian Press)

Now that the controversial bill has been  adopted into law, what does it mean for women who wear a niqab or burka? For now, many important details still need to be sorted out and its implications may end up being decided by a court.

Sears paying bonuses as it closes

Sears Canada got court approval to pay a final $2.8 million in retention bonuses to 36 head office staff. (Giacomo Panico/CBC)

The promised bonuses were only supposed to be paid in full if the retailer found a way to survive, but Sears got approval to continue payments. One former employee who had her severance cut off put it succinctly: "Can I use the F-word?"

The dangers of BBQ brushes

Health Canada says the number of reported incidents of bristles coming off a grill-cleaning brush has climbed to 40. In 28 of those cases, a person was injured after ingesting a wire bristle. (CBC/Vera-Lynn Kubinec)

The number of incidents related to wire-bristle barbecue brushes reported to Health Canada more than doubled over the summer, leaving one doctor worried that the agency isn't acting fast enough. If you're up for some autumn grilling, there are a few alternatives.

What else is going on?

How will marijuana home delivery be monitored? The federal government says there will be strict safeguards in place to prevent underage people from purchasing weed online.

High heels may be getting the boot in Ontario. A new bill would prohibit employers from enforcing mandatory high heels at work.

This week in recalls:

Watch what you eat. These frozen raw breaded chicken products are being investigated after cases of salmonella were reported, while this cheese, these oysters and this line of smoked lake trout have been recalled.

Also, these dishwasherswind-up musical plush toys and battery-operated toys have been recalled.

Busting superfoods

We take a closer look at the hype behind three exotic "superfoods" — coconut water, chia seeds, and quinoa. We dig into the science and uncover cheaper, Canadian alternatives. You can watch the episode online.