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Jeannie Stiglic is an investigative journalist with CBC Marketplace.

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American apple juice is clearly labelled, but Canada's rules leave consumers in the dark

Bearing glossy red fruit, phrases like "Canada Choice" or "prepared in Canada," and other subtle hints, the packaging on apple juice gives Canadian consumers the impression they're drinking apples from this country.

Air Canada's 'ancillary' fees for customers add up to big bucks

Air Canada is among the top ten airlines in the world when it comes to earning so-called ancillary revenue — basically, money from all those extra fees — according to reports from a U.S. research company that tracks airline revenue.

'It's very troubling': Hidden camera catches car dealerships breaking sales rules

Dealerships push longer-term loans to make cars seem more affordable, but an undercover Marketplace investigation reveals some salespeople are either unable or unwilling to explain to customers how those seemingly sweet deals could load them up with debt down the road.

Air Miles top executive cashes in while collectors fume

While some collectors struggled to redeem Air Miles last year, the president and CEO of Air Miles' parent company LoyaltyOne, Bryan Pearson, was paid a $2.7-million (US) compensation package.

Online Romeo jailed for swindling women

A Toronto-area swindler who used online dating sites to target his victims is heading to a federal penitentiary, CBC News has learned.

Check criminal records of online daters, experts say

Online dating companies should be taking advantage of the RCMP criminal records system to keep convicted criminals off their sites, Canadian identity verification experts say.

Hard to check criminal records of others

Strict privacy laws limit access to the Canadian Police Information Centre, which holds about 4.2 million criminal records, to police and certain agencies.

Online dating client check debate grows

As online dating has mushroomed into a $1-billion industry over the last decade, the debate over the obligation for dating sites to conduct criminal record checks on its subscribers has become increasingly contentious.

Toronto man accused of defrauding online dates

A Toronto-area woman is warning others to be wary when dating online, saying she was swindled by a man who is now facing fraud charges.

Disability tax credits under investigation

A joint CBC News/Toronto Star investigation found that many Canadians may have received hefty tax refunds or credits for disabilities they or their family members don't have.

Charity abused disability tax credit program: CRA

Canada's largest tax company for the disabled had links to a controversial charity that helped obtain disability tax credits for people who didn't qualify, according to Canada Revenue Agency documents obtained by CBC News.

Will the public embrace an HIV vaccine?

Peter Newman discusses the issues around getting people to accept an HIV vaccine.