Amazon reviews of Ivanka Trump boots overrun with political zingers

Critics of U.S. president-elect Donald Trump have taken over the Amazon review section for a pair of Ivanka Trump boots, deeming them "perfect for stomping on the necks of those you oppress" or "wading around in your favourite billionaire funded swamp."

Trump critics and supporters square off in the review section for imported leather heels

The Amazon reviews on a pair of boots from Ivanka Trump's clothing line have become very politicized, with people squaring off about her president-elect father. (Mike Blake/Reuters)

Critics of U.S. president-elect Donald Trump have taken over the Amazon review section for a pair of Ivanka Trump boots, deeming them "perfect for stomping on the necks of those you oppress" or "wading around in your favourite billionaire funded swamp."

Items from Ivanka Trump's high-end clothing line are available on various shopping sites, but one particular pair of Women's Issa boots on Amazon has become a lightning rod for scathing political commentary against the fashion entrepreneur's powerful Republican father. 

"Both boots for some reason are right. One is marked as extremely right, the other as alt-right, though they look the same to me. Just bizarre," wrote one user under the name AR

It's not the first time reviewers have gotten creatively snarky. In 2012, reviews for BIC's "for her" pens  lauded the "soft, delicately feminine lines" and dubbing them "dangerous to non-girls."

One running theme in the boot reviews is mockery of Trump's pro-Moscow stance and allegations Russian election hacks helped propel him to power. Many also took aim at the fact that Ivanka Trump products are largely made China and other Asian countries, despite her father's strong rhetoric against shipping manufacturing jobs overseas.

The Amazon post for these Ivanka Trump Women's Issa boots has become a political lightning rod. (

"These Chinese boots are just perfect, whether walking the streets with your stepmother the streets of Moscow with your dad and Uncle Vlad ...or just your everyday trampling the rights of others," wrote someone under the username Carla Martin-Wood

"However, they are so constricting that they sent me to the podiatrist, whom I could not pay, having lost my healthcare. My mom offered to pay, but she has lost her social security and now lives in an alley behind a deli off Lex."

Some of the reviews played on comments Trump has made about his daughter, including a 2006 interview on the The View where he said she had a "nice figure" and mused that if she weren't his daughter, he might be dating her.

"My dad says they're really hot, but they just make me uncomfortable," wrote reviewer Jen.

Some of the reviews focus on comments Donald Trump has made about Ivanka Trump's appearance. (Carlo Allegri/Reuters)

Others referenced Trump's "small hands," an insult that originated with his Republican rival Marco Rubio and has since taken on a life of its own.

"I found these boot way too small It's like the[y] are made for people with small hands. I also had a hard time walking in them as little walls seemed to show up every where I went," wrote Barbara Ieckenby.

Although they weren't out in as much force as the anti-Trump reviewers, some of the president elect's supporters hit back.

"Snowflakes with limited IQ and all those needing a safe space to cry need not order," Robert Emberly noted

Amazon Customer said the knee-high boots "will keep your feet dry when walking through puddles of liberal tears."

Trump has had bad blood with Amazon in the past, chiding CEO Jeff Bezos over election coverage by the Washington Post, which Bezos owns. In February, he said Amazon would "have such problems" should he be elected, according to Business Insider.

The pair since appear to have buried the hatchet. Bezos emerged from a meeting between Trump and technology execs on Wednesday boasting it was "very productive."

CBC News has reached out to Amazon and the Ivanka Trump clothing company for comment.