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Dianne Buckner has reported on entrepreneurs for two decades. She hosts Dragons' Den on CBC Television and is part of the business news team at CBC News Network.

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He quit his job to take a new position — but the job offer was a scam

Tony Monize was temporarily laid off from his job in the telecom industry at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, so when he saw a job posting on LinkedIn for a position at Sobeys, he decided to apply.

For some non-profits, COVID-19 isn't just a struggle. It's a do-or-die moment

While some of Canada's most revered non-profit organizations are struggling to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, others have already been forced to close their doors permanently. 

Demand for face shields looks to be heating up as Canadians seek summertime COVID protection

Consumer demand for plastic face shields is heating up with summer weather. Fans say they're not as warm to wear as masks and they offer better protection from COVID-19. But will Canadians embrace them the way they have face masks?

From oxygen-level checks to no masks — customers face wide range of COVID-19 safety protocols

The range of policies being implemented by Canadian businesses to keep staff and customers free of the coronavirus are all over the map, and companies say given that personal expectations regarding safety vary greatly, it's impossible to please everyone as the economy reopens.

Survival of the fittest: Entrepreneurs improvise in bid to save companies during COVID crisis

Canadian entrepreneurs are brainstorming new ways to generate revenue to survive the pandemic. Some have repurposed inventory and even staff while others are launching entire new ventures and products.

Bike lanes installed on urgent basis across Canada during COVID-19 pandemic

Cities across Canada are extending their bike lane networks as an emergency response to COVID-19. For all the health and environmental benefits associated with pedalling a bike instead of hitting the gas pedal, do the additional bike lanes have a future?

First-time 'RV curious' travellers driving up domestic demand for recreational vehicles

Some businesses that sell or rent RVs are seeing more demand from Canadians who can't take holidays outside the country during the pandemic. Newcomers to this type of vacation say they like the idea of being able to isolate in a self-sufficient vehicle instead of staying at a hotel or motel.

Thousands of jobs wiped out as COVID-19 shuts down in-person conferences, industry events

Canada's vibrant and busy events industry has been shut down because of COVID-19. Convention centres, caterers, event planners, keynote speakers and others have seen their business grind to a halt.

Will COVID-19 lead to an exodus from crowded offices in downtown towers? Don't count on it, experts say

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing many commercial tenants in downtown towers to reconsider their physical environment, from the amount of office space required if employees will work from home more often to issues presented by public transit and where they're located in a metropolitan area.

No slacking allowed: Companies keep careful eye on work-from-home productivity during COVID-19

Heads up, Canadians working from home. If you thought your new arrangement was a licence to slack off, think again. The boom in people doing their jobs off site during the COVID-19 lockdown has led to rising interest in services that help employers remotely monitor their workers' productivity.

Like giant ice cream trucks, supermarkets on wheels get ready to roll into the neighbourhood

Shoppers tired of waiting in line outside a supermarket, or trying to secure a slot with one of the overbooked grocery delivery apps, have new options to bring groceries home. Startups and established companies alike are eager to offer Canadians fresh alternatives during the COVID-19 lockdown and beyond.

What offices might look like in a post-COVID world

As Canadian employers look ahead to the end of the COVID-19 lockdown and a return of office staff, plans are being made for a wide range of new safety protocols. Some of the policies could improve office life, but most will be tedious and aggravating.

Surge in demand for online shopping has Canada Post struggling to keep up

Canadians stuck at home during the COVID-19 crisis are shopping online in huge numbers, often looking for luxury products as a treat during the lockdown. That's great news for hard-hit retailers, but Canada Post is straining to keep up.

'I'm spending way less': How the lockdown is leading to more savings for some Canadians

The pandemic lockdown is forcing a new kind of frugality on Canadians. The fact is there are far fewer places to spend money. Some Canadians lucky enough to have maintained their income are actually seeing savings. Could the COVID-19 crisis change some of our spending habits long term?

'Are we nuts?' Meet Canadians who started businesses during the pandemic

Even with the country in lockdown, a number of Canadian entrepreneurs are plunging ahead with new ventures. Here's just a few of those who are giving it a shot.