CRTC approves 262 Category 2 channels

Here are the 262 Category 2 services that won CRTC licences: (Stornoway Communications Limited Partnership) 2.ABC Gold (Global Television Network Inc.) 3.About God (Covenant Comunications Inc.) 4.Academy Television (Learning and Skills Television of Alberta Limited) 5.A-Channel News Now, Alberta (Craig Broadcast Systems Inc.) 6.A-Channel News Now, Calgary (Craig Broadcast Systems Inc.) 7.A-Channel News Now, Edmonton (Craig Broadcast Systems Inc.) 8.A-Channel News Now, Manitoba (Craig Broadcast Systems Inc.) 9.A-Channel News Now, West (Craig Broadcast Systems Inc.) 10.Action Channel (Craig Broadcast Systems Inc.) 11.Action Television (Showcase Television Inc.) 12.Adult Alternative Music Channel (Corus Entertainment Inc.) 13.Adventure (Global Television Network Inc.) 14.Adventure One (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 15.Ana Canada (Ana Canada) 16.Animal Planet (CTV Inc.) 17.Animal World (Northern Response (International) Ltd.) 18.Arab TV Network (Asian Television Network International Limited) 19.ATN MultiCultural Channel (South Asian Television Network International Limited) 20.Aviation TV (Salter Street Films) 21.Balkan Express (Xybermedia Inc.) 22.BBC Canada (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 23.BBC Kids (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 24.Best of the Commonwealth (Sextant Entertainment Group Inc.) 25.Bloomberg Television Canada (869933 Alberta Ltd.) 26.Canal Aventure (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 27.Canal de Hockey (Jim Gregory) 28.Canal F (9072-1184 Qubec inc.) 29.Canal Habitat (Mtromdia CMR Broadcasting Inc.) 30.Canal National Geographic (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 31.Canal Nature (9072-1184 Qubec inc.) 32.Careers TV (Life Network Inc.) 33.CareersTV-The Jobs and Management Channel (Learning and Skills Television of Alberta Limited) 34.Caribbean & African Network (Asian Television Network International Limited) 35.Caribe Canada (Caribe Canada) 36.Celebration : Vision Inspired Music (Vision TV) 37.Celtic Country (Corus Entertainment Inc.) 38.Challenge TV (Global Television Network Inc.) 39.Cinmania (Astral Tl Rseaux inc.) 40.Cityscape TV (Solitudes Ltd.) 41.Classic Sports (Global Television Network Inc.) 42.Classic Sports (Sportscope Television Network Ltd.) 43.Classic Sports (The Sports Network Inc.) 44.Classics TV (Salter Street Films) 45.CMT Hits (Corus Entertainment Inc.) 46.Comedy for Kids (Salter Street Films) 47.Consumer TV (Mark Jan Vrem) 48.Corporate Events (Canadian Satellite Communications Inc.) 49.Corporate TV (Salter Street Films) 50.Cottage Life Television (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 51.CTV News Centre Nouvelles (CTV Inc.) 52.CTV Newsnet Alberta (CTV Inc.) 53.CTV Newsnet BC (CTV Inc.) 54.CTV NewsVu (CTV Inc.) 55.D.I.Y. Television (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 56.DesigNation (Global Television Network Inc.) 57.Digipix (Groupe TVA inc.) 58.Discovery Civilization Channel (CTV Inc.) 59.Discovery Kids (Corus Entertainment Inc.) 60.Discovery Science Channel (CTV Inc.) 61.Doragi Television Network (Jang Sung Lee) 62.Easy Shop TV (909591 Ontario Limited) 63.Edge TV (Corus Entertainment Inc.) 64.E-Sports (Sportscope Television Network Ltd.) 65.Exploration Network (CTV Inc.) 66.Extreme Sports (Global Television Network Inc.) 67.Festival Portuguese Televisision (1395047 Ontario Inc.) 68.FITNESS (Global Television Network Inc.) 69.Fox News Canada (Global Television Network Inc.) 70.Fox Sports World Canada (Global Television Network Inc.) 71.Front Row (Groupe TVA inc.) 72.G& L (Les Chanes Tl Astral inc.) 73.Game One (Groupe TVA inc.) 74.Game One (Groupe TVA inc.) 75.Garvi Gujarat (I.T. Productions Ltd.) 76.Girls TV (Salter Street Films) 77.Golden Age TV (Solitudes Ltd.) 78.GTV: The Girls' Network (Kaleidoscope Entertainment Inc.) 79.Gujarati Channel (South Asian Television Network International Limited) 80.Hindi Movie Channel (South Asian Television Network International Limited) (Hobby T.V. Inc.) 82.Hockey Net (Sportscope Television Network Ltd.) 83.HorrorVision (Corus Entertainment Inc.) 84.Horse Network (Levfam Holdings Inc.) 85.HTV Canada (HTV Canada) 86.Interactive Trivia Network (Interactive Trivia Network) 87.International Film Festival Channel (EIFFC) (CFMT) 88.Investment Online (Mark Jan Vrem) 89.Jackpot TV (Jackpot TV) 90.Jazz & Blues TV (Craig Broadcast Systems Inc.) 91.Jobs TV (Salter Street Films) 92.Justice TV (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 93.Landscape (Xybermedia Inc.) 94.Late Night Vidiot (Late Night Vidiot Inc.) 95.Law (CTV Inc.) 96.Le Rseau Grand Air (Le Rseau des sports (RDS) inc.) 97.Luso! TV (Xybermedia Inc.) 98.Magazine Rack Television (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 99.Manitoba News Network (Global Television Network Inc.) 100.Maple Leaf Channel (Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd.) 101.Maritime News Network (Global Television Network Inc.) 102.Martial Arts Channel (Kaleidoscope Entertainment Inc.) 103.Martial Arts TV (Salter Street Films) 104.MasterMusic (CHUM Limited) 105.Military Television (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 106.Moods (CHUM Limited) 107.MSNBC Canada (Rogers Broadcasting Limited) 108.MuchLoud (CHUM Limited) 109.MuchMoreClassicVideo (CHUM Limited) 110.MuchOnDemand (CHUM Limited) 111.MuchPoP (CHUM Limited) 112.MuchVibe (CHUM Limited) 113.Multilingual Sports (The Sports Network Inc.) 114.Museum TV (Solitudes Ltd.) 115.Music 5 (Craig Broadcast Systems Inc.) 116.Music 5 (Pay) (Craig Broadcast Systems Inc.) 117.National Geographic Channel (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 118.Nature TV (Salter Street Films) 119.Network Italia (Network Italia) 120.Northern Alberta News Network (Global Television Network Inc.) 121.Nostalgia TV (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 122.NRT Canada (NRT Canada) 123.NTI Tamil Service (Network Television International) 124.NTV International (The Eurasian Canadian Television Network) 125.Ocean Life TV (Salter Street Films) 126.Odyssey II (Odyssey Television Network Inc.) 127.On Trial: The Court Channel (Kaleidoscope Entertainment Inc.) 128.Pacific Food Channel (Sextant Entertainment Group Inc.) 129.Parent TV (Corus Entertainment Inc.) 130.ParentTV (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 131.Passion Television (Passion Villlage Inc.) 132.PATV (Pets & Animals) (Craig Broadcast Systems Inc.) 133.PAWS: The Pet Channel (Kaleidoscope Entertainment Inc.) 134.People + Arts (CTV Inc.) 135.Pet TV (Corus Entertainment Inc.) 136.Play TV (Salter Street Films) 137.Pop TV (Global Television Network Inc.) 138.Power Television (Nextlevel Television Inc.) 139.Premire Loge (Groupe TVA inc.) 140.Pro-TV (Les Chanes Tl Astral inc.) 141.PSN Canada (PSN Canada) 142.Punjabi Channel (South Asian Television Network International Limited) 143.Quebec News Network (Global Television Network Inc.) 144.RAI Canada (Corus Entertainment Inc.) 145.Ran Punjabi (I.T. Productions Ltd.) 146.Raptors Basketball Channel (Raptors Basketball Channel Ltd.) 147.Real TV (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 148.Recovery TV (Salter Street Films) 149.Relationships TV (Salter Street Films) 150.Remote Control Games - TV (Remote Control Games - TV) 151.Retro (Craig Broadcast Systems Inc.) 152.Romance Television (Showcase Television Inc.) 153.Saskatchewan News Network (Global Television Network Inc.) 154.Scream TV (Salter Street Films) 155.Sitcom Canada (Sitcom Canada) 156.Skating TV (Salter Street Films) 157.Soap World (Global Television Network Inc.) 158.Solitudes TV (Solitudes Ltd.) 159.Southern Alberta News Network (Global Television Network Inc.) 160.Southern B.C. News Network (Global Television Network Inc.) 161.Sports Talk TV (The Sports Network Inc.) 162.Sportsnet2 (CTV Inc.) 163.SSTV (Ravinder Singh Pannu) 164.Tamil Channel (South Asian Television Network International Limited) 165.Tl Tout P'tit (Corus Entertainment Inc.) 166.Tele-Filipino (Global Television Network Inc.) 167.Telegu Channel (South Asian Television Network International Limited) 168.Telemundo Canada (TV Italy) 169.Tlservice (9072-1184 Qubec inc.) 170.Teletoon Action (TELETOON Canada Inc.) 171.Teletoon Adult (TELETOON Canada Inc.) 172.Teletoon Art (TELETOON Canada Inc.) 173.Teletoon Multi (TELETOON Canada Inc.) 174.Teletoon Pop (TELETOON Canada Inc.) 175.Teletoon Retro (TELETOON Canada Inc.) 176.TEN - Channel 1 (Ten Broadcasting Inc.) 177.TEN - Channel 2 (Ten Broadcasting Inc.) 178.The Art Channel (Boxer Four Entertainment Inc.) 179.The Auction Channel (Global Television Network Inc.) 180.The Automobile Channel (Global Television Network Inc.) 181.The Baseball Channel (Global Television Network Inc.) 182.The Business Channel (Mark Jan Vrem) 183.The Canadian Consumer Channel (Salter Street Films) 184.The Christian Channel (Vision TV) 185.The Classical Channel (Corus Entertainment Inc.) 186.The Coaches Network (The Sports Network Inc.) 187.The Collectors Network (Salter Street Films) 188.The Dance Channel (Stornoway Communications Limited Partnership) 189.The Fairchild Body and Soul Channel (Fairchild) 190.The Fairchild Children's Channel (Fairchild) 191.The Fairchild Food Channel (Fairchild) 192.The Fairchild Movie Channel (Fairchild) 193.The Fairchild Music Channel (Fairchild) 194.The Fairchild News Channel (Fairchild) 195.The Fairchild Spiritual Channel (Fairchild) 196.The Fairchild Technology Channel (Fairchild) 197.The Festival Network (Global Television Network Inc.) 198.The Fishing Network (The Sports Network Inc.) 199.The Gameshow Network (3740161 Canada Inc.) 200.The Gesher Channel (Kaleidoscope Entertainment Inc.) 201.The Hockey Channel (Corus Entertainment Inc.) 202.The Hockey Channel (Jim Gregory) 203.The Hockey Network (The Sports Network Inc.) 204.The Horror Channel/The Creep Show (Boxer Four Entertainment Inc.) 205.The Jazz Channel (Corus Entertainment Inc.) 206.The Jazz Channel (Global Television Network Inc.) 207.The Last Picture Show Inc. (The Last Picture Show Inc.) 208.The Law & Order Channel (Learning and Skills Television of Alberta Limited) 209.The Legal Television Network (3629651 Canada Inc.) 210.The Love Channel (Boxer Four Entertainment Inc.) 211.The Love Channel (Kaleidoscope Entertainment Inc.) 212.The Luxe Network (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 213.The Met (Craig Broadcast Systems Inc.) 214.The Model Network (Boxer Four Entertainment Inc.) 215.The Nautical Channel (Global Television Network Inc.) 216.The Nelvana Channel (Nelvana Channel Inc.) 217.The Nerd Network (Boxer Four Entertainment Inc.) 218.The Parent Channel (The Family Channel Inc.) 219.The Parenting Channel (Northern Response (International) Ltd.) 220.The Pet Network (Stornoway Communications Limited Partnership) 221.The Poetry Channel (Boxer Four Entertainment Inc.) 222.The Racing Network Canada (The Ontario Jockey Club) 223.The Real Estate Channel (Corus Entertainment Inc.) 224.The Real Estate Channel (Mark Jan Vrem) 225.The Reality Zone (Kaleidoscope Entertainment Inc.) 226.The Short Film Channel (Boxer Four Entertainment Inc.) 227.The Single's Channel (1395053 Ontario Limited) 228.The Theatre Channel (Veni Vici Entertainment Inc.) 229.The World Cinema Channel (Salter Street Films) 230.The Zoo Channel (Boxer Four Entertainment Inc.) 231.To Be Continued? The Soap Channel (Kaleidoscope Entertainment Inc.) 232.Today's Parent TV (Rogers Broadcasting Limited) 233.Tourist Channel (Tapley Ent. Ltd.) 234.Trains, Boats and Planes (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 235.TSN2 (The Sports Network Inc.) 236.TV Chile Canada (TV Chile Canada) 237.TV Guide Channel (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 238.TV Italy (TV Italy) 239.TV to Web - The Information Network (KRG Television Limited) 240.U-8-TV (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 241.Urban Nation (Nextlevel Television Inc.) 242.Urdu Channel (South Asian Television Network International Limited) 243.Video Italia (Video Italia) 244.Violet (Global Television Network Inc.) 245.WealthNet Television (Magnacom) 246.Wedding Bells (Key Media Ltd.) 247.Weddings (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 248.WETV Canada (WETV Canada) 249.Wheels (Salter Street Films) 250.Wheels Channel (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 251.Wild Canada (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 252.Wine Television Network (Vintage Keeper Inc.) 253.Workopolis TV (Mark Jan Vrem) 254.Workworld (Barna-Alper Productions inc.) 255.World and Roots Music Channel (Boxer Four Entertainment Inc.) 256.World News TV (Salter Street Films) 257.X-Treme TV (Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Inc.) 258.Your Money (Global Television Network Inc.) 259.YTV OneWorld (Corus Entertainment Inc.) 260.YTV POW! (Corus Entertainment Inc.) 261.Zone Jeux (Les Chanes Tl Astral inc.) 262.ZTV (Salter Street Films)