Comedian Norm Macdonald now KFC's 'real' Colonel Sanders

KFC has introduced an new ad campaign, with its founder Colonel Sanders portrayed by yet another veteran of Saturday Night Live.

Fellow SNL alum Darrell Hammond swapped out as southern-fried chicken pitchman

Fast-food chain KFC has hired ex-SNL star Norm Macdonald to play the 'real' Colonel Sanders in a new set of ads that call the previous character an imposter. (YouTube)

KFC has introduced an new ad campaign, with founder Colonel Sanders portrayed by Saturday Night Live veteran Norm Macdonald.

He replaces fellow SNL alumni Darrell Hammond, who was appearing as the colonel only three months ago.

KFC tries to inject a little whimsy by referring to that portrayal and the switch. First, Hammond is seen on a TV screen announcing, "Hey folks, it's me, Colonel Sanders."

At that point, Macdonald points to the set and says, "Hey, that's not the real Colonel Sanders. I'm the real Colonel Sanders, and this is how you sell chicken." He then repeats his name once more with a shrug.

A second ad features Macdonald as Sanders in full-body underwear denouncing the "imposter" Colonel Sanders. "They can't just grab some super-funny Hollywood actor, throw a white suit on him and try to pass him off as the real Colonel Sanders," he says.

When Hammond was chosen for the role, there was some criticism in the ad industry that the colonel was not known for chuckling or singing a ditty.

Harland Sanders, who created the Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe and franchised the fast food empire, died in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1980 at age 90.


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