Car fires and failures: Canada's broken recall system

Watch our investigation anytime on CBC Gem

Watch our investigation anytime on CBC Gem

Car fires and failures: Canada’s broken recall system


2 months ago
Many Canadians might have a recall on their car and they wouldn't even know it. We investigate a recall involving over a million Canadian cars, and thousands of spontaneous engine fires and failures. 22:30

Has a recall been issued for your vehicle?

At least 1.5 million car models in Canada have been recalled for engine failures and fires. But more drivers could still be at risk. CBC Marketplace and Go Public are investigating the problems involving many Hyundai and Kia vehicles. We speak to Canadian motorists who are angry, confused and terrified to drive their own cars. And we ask Transport Canada whether a system that relies primarily on manufacturers' voluntary monitoring is really keeping us safe.

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How to find out if your car has a recall

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