Canadian Cannabis Awards voting begins for 1st annual event

You can now vote in the first annual Canadian Cannabis Awards, an event launched by the organization Lift that aims to recognize members of the medical marijuana community.

Awards run by Lift to name top cannabis crusader, smoke shop, marijuana strains

You can now cast a ballot for your favourite type of marijuana — medical, that is.

Voting is now open for the first annual Canadian Cannabis Awards.

The contest, the first of its kind in Canada, wants members of the marijuana community to vote on their favourite smoke shop, marijuana strains and weed-related social media accounts.

The awards are run by the organization Lift, a platform created for the medical marijuana community. Lift aims to “promote the production and consumption of high-quality and ethical Canadian marijuana.”

Lift also sells products such as vaporizers and apparel.

According to Lift, the awards are meant to “create an opportunity for the Canadian medical marijuana community to recognize leaders in the field for innovation, creativity and for pushing the industry forward.”

Top cannabis crusader sought

The contest features a special award for the 2014 Cannabis Crusader — an individual who has made a difference in the medical marijuana community in Canada. There are eight nominees, including Vancouver's Jodie Emery, who hopes to run for the Liberals federally, and is the wife of Marc Emery, Canada’s self-proclaimed Prince of Pot. 

Other candidates for Cannabis Crusader include:

  • Dr. Mark Ware, a professor at McGill University in Montreal.
  • John Conroy, a B.C. lawyer with a background in medical marijuana cases.

Voting for the awards opened on Tuesday, the same day Marc Emery returned to Canada after serving a five-year prison sentence in the U.S. for selling cannabis seeds.

Emery arrived in Windsor, Ont., at roughly 4:20 p.m. ET, a perhaps cheeky ode to the Code 420, which is frequently associated with the cannabis subculture.

Lift hopes the awards will unite the industry and recognize leaders in the medical marijuana community who are helping to drive it forward in Canada.

Canadians can vote at the contest's website here until Sept. 23. The winners will be announced Oct. 1. 


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