BlackBerry cuts 100 more jobs in Waterloo, Ont.

BlackBerry has confirmed that 100 positions will be eliminated in Waterloo, Ont., as the company continues to reshape itself in the face of stiff competition,

Job cuts follow launch of strategic review

Marks second round of layoffs in last 2 months 2:24

BlackBerry has confirmed the company is facing another round of job cuts this week, announcing 100 positions will be eliminated in Waterloo, Ont.

In a statement, company spokeswoman Rebecca Freiburger said it was "another step forward to scale our company correctly for new opportunities in mobile computing."

In July, 250 positions were cut at BlackBerry's new product testing facility.

The company recently announced that it had launched a review of "strategic alternatives," a move that could potentially result in the sale of the company to a strategic buyer that could see it taken private.

Technology analyst Carmi Levy said the cuts announced Tuesday are only making headlines because of who it's coming from.

"The fact that we're talking about BlackBerry now makes this headline news, but really this is just normal business for any company," he said.

"Investors will pay particular attention to even the smallest employment adjustment at a company like BlackBerry, despite the fact that other companies of similar size are probably doing the same thing right now but not getting the headlines. It just so happens that the spotlight is being shone very brightly on the company right now."

BlackBerry has been losing market share in recent years to both Apple and the Android operating system, used in Samsung and HTC devices, among others. And the first round of Blackberry 10 phones, the Z10 and Q10, have struggled against the latest iPhone and Android devices.

The company recently launched the BlackBerry Q5 in Canada. The Q5 runs the company's new operating system, a follow-up to the original Q10 keyboard model and the Z10 touch-screen model that were introduced earlier this year.

Shares of BlackBerry were at $10.87, up 17 cents, at the close of trading on the TSX.