Tony Seskus

Senior Producer Western Digital Business Unit

Tony Seskus is senior producer with CBC's Western Business unit in Calgary. He's written for newspapers and wire services for more than 25 years on three continents. In Calgary, Tony has reported on the energy sector and federal politics.

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Rising diesel prices latest hurdle for Alberta farmers

The price of diesel has surged across the country in recent weeks. In Alberta, it has farmers worrying about the impact on the bottom line.

Danielle Smith returning to politics with sights on UCP leadership

Danielle Smith, former leader of the Wildrose Party, has confirmed she'll be stepping forward for the UCP nomination for Livingstone-Macleod and could even seek the party's leadership.

Oil producers are flush with cash. Now what will they do with it?

Spending plans are up this year in the oilpatch — but they won't rise near the levels seen earlier in the last decade.

High gas prices, oilpatch labour crunch, pipeline friction: The year ahead in energy

Talk of energy these days is rooted in two worlds — the demands of today and the transition ahead — as decarbonization efforts come into even sharper focus with climate change.

$100 for a rib roast? Yep. Some customers are forking out the cash and driving demand

The answer to why there’s a disconnect between Alberta cattle and beef prices is complex, but demand for beef is still strong.

Province says there's no concern with oil storage in Alberta despite Trans Mountain pipeline shutdown

Oil industry officials in Alberta do not expect the temporary pipeline shutdown will have a significant impact on Canadian oil production.

More strange days ahead for oil industry following Friday price plunge

Oil prices ran headlong into pandemic fears yet again on Friday, tumbling to levels not seen since September.

Prairie ranchers brace for potential strike at Cargill plant in Alberta as deadline looms

Ranchers are watching — and hoping — for progress on labour talks at a major meat-packing plant in southern Alberta as a strike deadline looms early next month.

U.S. bid to resurrect contentious beef labelling rules returns to Capitol Hill

A U.S. Senate bill is seeking the return of mandatory country-of-origin rules for beef imports — rules repealed six years ago under threat of hefty Canadian trade duties.

For Canada, meeting its current climate targets will be complicated and expensive

To meet goals set at past UN climate conferences, as well as the federal government's own emissions targets, considerable change is necessary. What's clear is that meeting current climate goals in Canada won't be simple or cheap.