Tiffany Foxcroft

Tiffany Foxcroft is an award-winning investigative journalist. A number of her investigations have led to provincial and national policy change.

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Ontario real estate regulator ineffective at protecting homebuyers, sellers, audit finds

A recent report from the Ontario auditor general cited concerns ranging from a failure to track and analyze complaints, to a board of directors almost exclusively made up of industry representatives.

Real estate agents caught on hidden camera facilitating mortgage fraud for a fee

An undercover investigation by CBC Marketplace has exposed some networks of real estate agents, mortgage brokers and bank employees facilitating mortgage fraud for a fee.

Price fixing has sent Realtor commissions soaring in an already hot market, lawsuit alleges

A proposed class-action lawsuit has been launched against the Canadian Real Estate Association, the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board and the largest real estate brokerages in Canada, which alleges that price-fixing has driven up the cost of real estate commissions.

Stuck in bed 23 hours a day: What's wrong with home care in Canada and how another country changed course

Margot Algie suffers from a neurodegenerative disease and needs home care for all her daily activities. But she’s often only up for only one hour a day before another home care worker arrives to put her back to bed. A leading geriatrician says Canada needs to take a page from Denmark.

She begged for help as husband struggled: Why home care is failing thousands while companies profit

Nearly one million Canadians rely on some sort of home care support, but a Marketplace investigation has found a shroud of secrecy around for-profit companies’ use of public funds. Critics say the broken system is providing substandard care – and sometimes no care at all – for those most vulnerable.

Hidden camera reveals some pharmacists recommend homeopathic products to treat kids' cold and flu

Some pharmacists working in Canada’s top drugstores are recommending homeopathic products to consumers, even though, experts say, these products are essentially sugar water or sugar pills with no scientific evidence they can do what they claim, a CBC Marketplace investigation has found.

Real estate agents caught on hidden camera breaking the law, steering buyers from low-commission homes

A CBC Marketplace investigation has found that some real estate agents are breaking the law by steering unwitting buyers away from low-commission homes. 

What an end to non-transparent bidding for real estate could look like

Critics of a practice in which buyers bid for real estate without knowing the size of competing offers are pushing for what they say are viable alternatives that could create a better system for both sellers and buyers. 

Is your N95-style mask failing you? Lab tests show some falling way short of filtration standards

To find out how much Canadians can trust the N95-style masks they're buying, CBC’s Marketplace tested 14 KN95 and KF94 respirator brands purchased from Amazon and big box stores.

As supply of N95-style respirators grows, some say it's time to upgrade our masks

Since the pandemic began, masking recommendations in Canada have centred on the idea of protecting other. However, more contagious and potentially more dangerous variants of COVID-19 have some asking if it's time for an upgrade, so that people can rely on their masks to protect themselves as well as others.