Tiffany Foxcroft

Tiffany Foxcroft is an award-winning investigative journalist and producer with The National. A number of her investigations have led to provincial and national policy change.

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Is your N95-style mask failing you? Lab tests show some falling way short of filtration standards

To find out how much Canadians can trust the N95-style masks they're buying, CBC’s Marketplace tested 14 KN95 and KF94 respirator brands purchased from Amazon and big box stores.

As supply of N95-style respirators grows, some say it's time to upgrade our masks

Since the pandemic began, masking recommendations in Canada have centred on the idea of protecting other. However, more contagious and potentially more dangerous variants of COVID-19 have some asking if it's time for an upgrade, so that people can rely on their masks to protect themselves as well as others.

60% of COVID-19 long-haulers say government is 'absolutely ignoring them,' Marketplace questionnaire finds

CBC Marketplace investigated access to care for COVID-19 long-haulers across Canada, finding that over 60 per cent aren't getting the medical support they need, 50 per cent say doctors didn’t believe them, and some are paying hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars out of pocket for treatments.

Jamaica has China to thank for much-needed infrastructure — but some locals say it has come at a price

This year, Jamaica became the 10th Caribbean country to formally sign on to China's Belt and Road Initiative. China's investments have brought much-needed infrastructure to the region, but with that has also come some friction. CBC News takes a road trip through Jamaica to learn more.

'It's something out of a Hitchcock film': Experts re-examine unsolved Canadian airliner bombing

Modern investigative techniques are being applied to the mysterious unsolved bombing of Canadian Pacific Flight 21, which killed 52 people in B.C. in 1965.

New York's Vision Zero success provides road map for others taking aim at pedestrian deaths

From lowering speeds and redesigning roads, to stronger enforcement and more bike lanes, New York is seeing a marked reduction deaths and injuries on its roadways — all by following a strategy that other North American cities have struggled to implement.

'People are being duped': CBC exposes homegrown lies at farmers markets

Some farmers market vendors push bogus stories to consumers looking for fresh local fruits and veggies — and Marketplace has the hidden camera footage to prove it.

Unproven homeopathic remedies for kids still promising relief despite new label rules

Two years after Marketplace exposed how Health Canada was approving children's homeopathic remedies that promise relief from cough, cold and other ailments without any evidence to back up the claims, the government’s promised crackdown is hard to spot on drugstore shelves.

Real estate practice of 'double-ending' under scrutiny in Ontario

The Ontario government recently announced that it is looking into the ethics of real estate agents representing both buyer and seller in Toronto's hot housing market

Moving bill shock leaves B.C. family scrambling to get their stuff

Long-distance moving companies often charge by weight — the more stuff you move, the more you pay. But when you don’t know how heavy your belongings are, it can create problems when it comes time to pay.